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DavePat (Fearless Blue)

Sunday, August 17, 2008 - 06:38 pm Click here to edit this post
Amazing its Isreal that has ignored resolutions and gets the mention??? ROFLMAO - this reveals a lot about our friend here!

Nix tell me if you are so wise, how many countries is the UN in providing peacekeepers, and how much peace has been gained. (Not to mention who is first to run at the sign of one gun being fired). How many countries is the UN involved in providing democracy to? How many of those countries has actually achieved democarcy (voted independantly for a new government). How many countries is the UN involved in providing economic assistance or humanitarian aid just to feed the populace? How many of those countries are the people at large not hungry? Crap this list is never ending!

I mention several countries where the UN has clearly failed for political reasons to achieve anything or do anything. I also mentioned the fact that UNICEFZ is the place pedos go to get their children around the world. I could have mentioned the dictatorships, tyrants, exteremists states that the UN supports and backs up or the billions of dollars that they funnel to these countries that never reach the intended targets, or also the fact that most (for example) UN administrators involved in any food for humanity program you care to mention are taking huge kick backs. But I didnt mention all that and even more.

Now let us put what I have put on the table into perspective against what you put have .

Me - UN corrupt, evil, wasteful, criminal.

You - The Jews wont comit national suicide.

Gee I will let those who read this decide who has won this one!

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