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Poetry and literature (Little Upsilon)

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Diabuli (Little Upsilon)

Sunday, August 17, 2008 - 03:30 pm Click here to edit this post
Sorry about the length. The last word of each stanza is meant to relate to the first line of the next.

Identity? Pt.1

Escape through normality,
Happy, Narcotic?
No identity,
Normal? Hallucinogenic.

Tempted, yet stable,
Consciously aware of
thoughts around you,
Denying true feelings,

Conservative and modern,
Open to all ideas,
Single mindedly spurn
everything you feel.

Reaction to Circumstance,
Independent living,
Illusion of Idealism,
Reliant on others,

Searching for Emotion,
Are you happy?
Acceptingly narcissistic

Notion of worth,
Infinity has a limit
of the human brain,
Unthinkable and insurmountable,
Blind faith in existence.

Alluding to the past,
Misinformed future,
Humanity as a whole
fate divided, prosperity.

A United dream,
infringes on States
of being, pure innocence
or sculpted product of
false ideals?

Escape through Narcotics,
Happy,? No,
Identity - rent

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