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Enterprise profit (Golden Rainbow)

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zapadka (Fearless Blue)

Sunday, August 17, 2008 - 04:34 am Click here to edit this post
Was bored so I checked out your enterprise.

Ill put what I would do-Keep in mind market might be different Im on FB.

with quality at 225 your selling at 241 BUT your supplies are at 100.For a new corp I sell at market untill quality is around190-200 Then I sell at market plus 9-18.I raise supplies to 160.When quality hits 250 I raise supplies to 190 and charge what the market will bear usually market plus 45.Basically I develop the corps in stages.Wheather this actually helps or just makes me feel better Im not sure but my enterprise brings in 200-275B a month.

Your interceptor corp

Profit & Loss -- Current Month Income Cost
Products Sold 5,466.43M SC$
Salaries Paid 2,164.67M SC$
Raw Materials Used 700.21M SC$
Fixed Property Cost 89.34M SC$
Maintenance Products Used 362.14M SC$
Interest on Loans 0.00M SC$
Country Resources Used 2,187.80M SC$
Total: 5,466.43M SC$ 5,504.17M SC$

Year to Date Income Cost
33,039.95M SC$
12,990.07M SC$
4,150.33M SC$
526.60M SC$
1,984.69M SC$
0.00M SC$
13,185.40M SC$
33,039.95M SC$ 32,837.09M SC$

Last Year Income Cost
65,327.39M SC$
25,979.46M SC$
8,114.52M SC$
1,056.88M SC$
4,003.94M SC$
0.00M SC$
26,158.47M SC$
65,327.39M SC$ 65,313.28M SC$

My interceptor corp

Income Cost
Products Sold 6,563.61M SC$
Salaries Paid 713.74M SC$
Raw Materials Used 945.95M SC$
Fixed Property Cost 91.32M SC$
Maintenance Products Used 441.57M SC$
Interest on Loans 0.00M SC$
Country Resources Used 2,626.19M SC$
Total: 6,563.61M SC$ 4,818.78M SC$

Year to Date Income Cost
52,955.83M SC$
5,709.81M SC$
7,361.99M SC$
704.67M SC$
3,476.97M SC$
0.00M SC$
21,234.20M SC$
52,955.83M SC$ 38,487.63M SC$

Last Year Income Cost
79,979.27M SC$
8,564.88M SC$
10,447.00M SC$
1,048.36M SC$
5,174.22M SC$
0.00M SC$
31,988.36M SC$
79,979.27M SC$ 57,222.82M SC$

I picked thease as examples because they had almost Idenical demand.

I also noticed you buy at best price. On FB I see alot of people buy anywhere from 92 to 108.Im set at 100 because I cant always play everyday and 100 is the lowest that prevents shortages.

I dont do high saleries.I saw youve raised saleries on corps that are losing money?
If I was going to do the high salary thing Id find out how to do it from someone who has had sucess with it.

Also some corps dont seem to work well in an enterprise,some seem to do better in countries.
Get rid of the stinkers.

Id like to hear from other people about this.Id also like to hear any pro high salary arguments.

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