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Saturday, August 16, 2008 - 03:17 pm Click here to edit this post
/me sees ZEdK pretty much reiterate everything he has said, in a much longer and much more confusing way.

However, you have strayed from me in a few places. You have completely ignored the question I posed by trying to apply it to the family model. Feel free to go outside your comfort zone and apply it to the entire species - which is what we are doing now. We have three hundred million Americans all providing some measure of their well being toward the promotion of the welfare of the lower class. Please give me an applicable analogy in some other species, where members of the species occupying an area the size of the surface of the moon provide welfare for other members thousands of miles away. Point is, you can't, and that is why the question is valid.

American rejection of socialism - for those that do reject it - is not so much the product of a cold war that saw socialist policies actually make their biggest leap forward in American government (see: LBJ), but rather that the United States has been far more of a "frontier"-laden nation than its European counterparts. It's far easier to detest government and socialism when you're not in the middle of a city, surrounded by people and their problems. If all you worry about is you, your family, and a few other people, you can see why socialism is a shitty ideology for you. You lose money to help people you don't want to help.

And FarmerBob - stating that Libertarianism has no practical solutions for today's problems is absurd. It is foolish to completely dismiss ideologies and their solutions to problems - even I recognize that some level of socialism in education, healthcare, and public works is necessary to solve problems of inequality of opportunity.

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