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Saturday, August 16, 2008 - 07:33 am Click here to edit this post
While you make a wonderful argument Dvd, David?, the conclusion that the "left" supports freedoms is not supported by facts. Both liberals and conservatives actively call for the restriction of certain freedoms. Which ones differentiate the two.

Psuedo-libertarians, I like the phrase and am stealing it, have a uptopian sense of history that fails to address the realities that the founding times of the US were abysmal. We have only traded local, diverse tyrants for a more uniform, national one. True freedom has never existed here except for frontier types who simply had no government of any sort in their lives. They also died of disease and privation and got killed by hostile natives. Libertarianism tends to be as much wishful thinking as Marxism.

All sides espouse freedom and call for "responsibility" in certain limited arenas, discounting all others' priorities as irrelevant or misplaced.

Market Vs. Gov't
Freedom Vs Responsibilty
Business Vs Environment
Haves vs Have Nots
Us Vs Them

How many look for compromise not as a necessity for long term solutions but as a temporary, limited victory in a neverending battle between extremes?

Tongue in cheek, I suggest executing all registered political party members in all nations. Would the situation improve or worsen?

The issue is not that people HAVE beliefs and values, it is that they are unwilling to compromise or modify them even when faced with the unquestionable reality that they are wrong.
What they want simply does not and cannot work, but nothing is as durable as a belief. People die for them every day.

Veritas. An interesting point you make. However, the tradition of caring for the weak has been around for some time but quietly conducted within familial and religious structures. Since increased socialization has shifted the emphasis of such care to third parties might the impression be gained that we are more cognizant of the disadvantaged.

Still, much could said for a "societal evolution" approach to examine our current condition. Definitely think you're on to something there. Continue the thought.

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