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Veritas (White Giant)

Saturday, August 16, 2008 - 07:29 am Click here to edit this post
It is funny that you call DavePat out for "propaganda", when your own post is filled with an obvious lean of its own, Avins.

It's important to note that in today's contemporary usage, "left" and "right" need to be distinguished much more clearly, since you haven't really done adequate research, just enough research to try to push your political beliefs.

Case in point: the political Left in the United States advocates social freedom, but in general suppresses economic freedom. The political Right in the United States advocates economic freedom, but in general suppresses sial freedom. Any notion that one side advocates freedom over another is based solely in that person's own values - Which is more important to me, economic freedom, or social freedom? This is why, across all classes, neither the Left nor the Right holds an absolute control of the voting block.

Trying to assert that Political and Economic freedom are one and the same is simply not applicable. Sure, it does push forth your own bias in stating that parties advocating freedom of the political variant are good and advocate all freedom, while those against such political freedom are inherently negative. However, that is all it does - it pushes your agenda similarly to what you've accused of DavePat. You ignore the overwhelming majority of experts who have confirmed, indeed, that the political spectrum needs to be placed upon a dual-dimensional field - with one axis representing social or political freedom, the other representing economic freedom. This is not an American development - this is the prevailing convention of Europe, as well.

This is also why libertarians (not your own ignorant definition, but the generally accepted definition) tend to be present in both major American parties. An emphasis on freedom of all kinds places them in a position where they will agree with each party roughly half the time. While historically, this very well could place libertarians in line with "leftist" parties, the present day does not see this, and the differentiation is clearly seen when one looks on the economic axis.

Is freedom good all the time? No - there are necessary restrictions to freedom that must be accepted. One can even say that in some areas (military, social security) freedom is entirely contrary to an effective society (or freedom in other areas - one loses freedom if their nation is invaded), and that some libertarians go too far in their advocacy. But to assert that the left is the righteous advocate of individual freedom, like you have done, simply displays your bias - the same bias you claim to rally against.

I am libertarian. I relate to issues that are advocated by both the "left" and the "right", and will generally be placed in the "undecided" voter category at every election. Stating that libertarians buy "nonsense" just throws you out as an elitist. An ignorant elitist, yes, but a self-righteous elitist none the less. I don't attack people for political beliefs - I have mine, and you have yours. But your condescending attitude has clearly stricken your post with the unnerving need to be set straight. You have your own opinions - but don't go out and insult other ideas as if you're the world's foremost expert in solving what no one has been able to solve in 35,000 years of modern human history.

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