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What is Simcountry?

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Veritas (White Giant)

Saturday, August 16, 2008 - 06:35 am Click here to edit this post
Well, a big problem is that we measure success in a single unit - the dollar (or insert whatever currency you all use). Any progress towards "utopia" will be hindered by the fact that everything is based on what amounts to an imaginary unit of currency.

Chaos need not be the result of freedom. In general, "ideal" freedom involves the recognition of some sort of respect for the freedom of others. Not necessarily a forced respect, but something intrinsic where one has no desire to fight against such respect of others. As I said, this is idealized, so its practicality in modern society is nearly null.

The issue is this - as the world has moved towards the theory of evolution to explain how we got here, the world has likewise attempted to ignore evolution in the human experience. Notice that there is a large movement to protect and care for the weak, to aid the bottom of the economic totem-pole, so to speak. This is contrary to evolution; the weak die out, and the strong prevail. Not that I advocate simply screwing over Grandma because she outlived her retirement fund, but it brings up an interesting question, perhaps the most revealing in a person's outlook on his or her world.

And think it through, because there are larger implications than just what is written in words. It may be that you come to the conclusion that modern society is entirely damaging to our evolution as a species, or perhaps it's a matter of our species being the first to transcend the (cruel?) laws of nature. Anyhow, the question is:

By diverting resources to help the lower classes/disadvantaged/socio-economically "weak" to progress, are we in fact limiting the progress of humanity as a whole?

Please, I invite all to discuss.

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