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A Great Example For SCof all Worlds (Little Upsilon)

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Wendy (Little Upsilon)

Thursday, August 14, 2008 - 02:03 am Click here to edit this post
Case in point again, Dub

I have threatened no one with any military action except those that recently took two of my undefended countries, while you stood and applauded, even while i was a member of a federation of yours. I didn't expect you to defend me but you didn't even offer any advice for defending my countries, if that was the least of all thing you could have done.

Right nukes are a small part of war, So small that you lost all those assets in just a few short minutes as I lost only 6 corps. From nuke bombing. And I remind all that that was a 5 minute war, and many people lost something all from nukes.
Now "sir spam a lot" I will rebutt your rediculous acccusations.
Peaceful Economic Expansion - I aquired this country through a purchase not by a military action, Ricky Harris used to own it. In this way I liberated my right to expand anywhere regardless of the claims of LDI to have need of approval of that or any action of mine for that matter.

Sam's empire is so much bigger than mine, that he shouldn't be in war protection at all. And my request for dropping it is so that we could come to a diplomatic aggreement, and that I will not be attacked by his c3 while his real assets are in secured mode.

When you so humbly approved a rival factions crusade against my nations I had not threatend anyone. I logged on to find out not only had I been declared on, but that you also knew of it behind the scenes and even encouraged it. Well thx alot for nothing, chairman.

Even in response to these nations taking mine, the most I did was move to Lacerta in protest, I could've declared and targeted the then unprotected nations with nukes that i had in my CEO well before any of this happened.

I am full of hypocrisy? You should allow everyone to read the Valde mission statement and see how much of a hypocrite YOU are. I don't recall there ever being a sub heading there saying that selling out your fedmates is condoned or makes you cool. LDI stands against everything that mission statement says Valde is about and your actions and injections into this conflict with me and them is just disgusting and a true show of your real character and genuine nature.

And yes, I promise to deal JUSTICE as you have neglected mister morals, high and mighty. Your ego and pompous attitude have compelled you to stick your face into something that has not 1 single thing to do to with you whatsoever.

When you double deal, your fedmates to the other side, regardless of how justified you convince yourself to be, YES YOU ARE TWO FACED, and that was the nice way of putting it. So take it lightly, please I beg you.

No one has been oppressed in this world, yet at the moment I was reading your post here, YOU and WILD were discussing how she would leave a path of carnage before she exits simcountry, and how you and her are discussing how you both should just randomly pick a fed to "wipe out" I believe it was called "AIRBORNE" or something.

Is that what you call fair? Are you with LDI or what? Seems to be the case when you defend them from me when they took my countries, I did nothing to any of them. You are turning out to be more of an asshat and a public disgrace to the VALDE statement. You stand for nothing it says. Oh Dub, you where did we LG go wrong with you? I'm not sure but you should think a little harder and come out here with real facts before you accuse me, and examine your own charachter, and see if you are the same young man looking in the mirror as when you were a humble lad.

Even in the face of your threats and LDI I have not fired a single shot at anyone, not even one declaration has been made. None at all indeed, Just LDI escaping to war protection, and you crying for their cause, you are no better than your traitor friend AMECHE.

* Dubhtaigh is now known as POOPtaigh, cuz dude don't act like your ish don't stink.

Thank You
"The High Profitess Eternal"
The Philadelphian Empire

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