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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?

Stupid freggin game :S (White Giant)

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sfo Treasurer (White Giant)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 - 05:58 pm Click here to edit this post
Foo, I told you when I first saw you go over 10 countries that you would lose terribly. Advice given shouldn't be wasted, especially since it came from those that have went down that road before and failed. Now I see others had told you the same thing about running too many countries and the consequences that happen as a result.

I am not impugning your abilities to run many countries as I am sure many of us could do so if their weren't penalties involved from the developers. Laguna is absolutely correct when he tells you cost of government increases exponentially when you go over 10 countries on any one world empire.

My suggestion is that if you are dead set on holding more than 10 countries, is to have anything over that ten country mark on another planet. I love having corporations in your low tax countries but the consequences that you receive from having too many countries effects the ceos in your countries as well because of worker shortages and riots.

Please take this as constructive criticism only and be more open in the future to helpful hints that will assist you by not falling into the same traps that many of us have already climbed out of . I was a little (a tad) displeased that you ignored mine and few of your fedmates suggestions long ago to downsize in order to avoid the problems you are now experiencing.

We are proud to have you in the fed and can see great potential for you to have an extremely stable financial situation in the future. Get down to 10 countries and you will see a marked improvement in your finances and hiring.

Stripping and deregging some may be the answer, but selling some could also be an option to get you down to that number. Whatever works the best for you. I have invested heavily in your countries and wish to continue once you gain control on your current situation. Once you get down to 10, if you are still experiencing worker shortages, your fedmates and I are more than willing to trade you the worker classes you need to get back up to 100% hiring.

We as a fed share in your successes and your failures. If you are open to suggestion we can limit those failures to a minimum.

Chat me up anytime in irc or msn me. In game message me to my main and I will give you my msn address so you can get a hold of me anytime. We pride ourselves on our financial knowledge of this game and would like you have those same tools at your disposal.


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