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John R

Monday, August 11, 2008 - 02:10 am Click here to edit this post
I better leave it all in a cloud of mystery. :p

I only asked about myself, because last time, when my name was still Laguna, Louise, Jo and other members of the forum were... trying to discover the person behind my posts. They didn't get it all that right. :p

Louise had already created a very complete image of me, so she took the hardest blow. :( At the time, I wasn't aware some people on the internet tried to add faces to who they communicated with.

Although imagining one's image isn't the same as casting judgement on groups of people you knew very little about and only hold a handful of misconceptions, they do share the same process for the same reason.

Due to biological limitations on our own brains, we are incapable of knowing everyone in this planet. We are even incapable of knowing everyone in our town, commune, district, parish, or whatever small administrative division works in your location. By knowing, I mean caring; to know enough to care.

Even so, we are still someone who encounters several different people in our life. And in all those encounters, we have to make choices. So, since the moment we see someone, we make several small, but incredibly determinant judgements of values, which will influence the rest of the relation. Those little pre-notions are incredibly hard to change and are indeed passed along to anyone who reminds of us of him/her or are tagged as his similar.
As you get to know him better, those pre-notions might indeed change, but it'll take time, socializing.

Associate this to the same manner you a read book. After finishing its reading, you won't be able of remembering everything you read word by word. You'll only be left with the key ideas exposed and some examples.

But many of us have never spoken face to face with anyone out of our country or community. How can we explain the attachment of misconceptions to certain people then?
Well, in the same manner you get to know what a book is about if someone tells you or youread a short summary regarding it, which will in all cases will be a personal or interpretation of it or works surrounding it, those same notions regarding certain people or an individual will be transposed on to you.

I'm not certain if I'm correct on all I said, but I think I'm close. :p

The best we can all do about people that don't influence us directly and we do not know is to always assume good faith.

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