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DavePat (Fearless Blue)

Saturday, August 9, 2008 - 08:38 pm Click here to edit this post
Bush bought into the idea Iraq was secular, hell he still does, same as most people who have no clue what culture is. Thinking islam is a religion alone has been the problem with everyone in the west since the creation of islam and its march to world domination.

We were right in going into Iraq, we were wrong in not leaving within a year and instead trying to build a true secular nation out of it. Iraq became the iron chain that prevented the US from moving on Syria which was the NEXT target, not Iran. If we had Iran would have fallen from internal pressure and a little push from us. The idea was to destabilize not mobilize which is what happened instead because it was and is politically expedient to do so as to regain power or hold power.

As for Happy Nagaski day. Yes there is or should be such a day. What is forgotten in all the dribble over the dropping of the 2nd and 3rd atomic bombs in history as actual weapons of war is the fact that upwards of 40 million more japanesse and a million or more allied personal would have been killed without them. There is a small town in Indiana, a German decent town of around 30K. What is interesting about this town is they dont have mass parades for the 4th although their fireworks display is second to none, they dont do em for Christmas or New Years or Presidents day or any other one might recognize. But Let VJ Day roll around each year and you it is the opening for a month of celebrations that finalize in the OctoberFest!

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