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Saturday, August 9, 2008 - 07:25 pm Click here to edit this post
Nix, An interesting theory, but one I'm afraid I can't subscribe to. Having some first hand knowledge of how our(Western) national leadership operates, I believe you give them too much credit.

Post 9/11, American NCA( National Command Authority), the President and his advisors, saw an opportunity. Some would claim it was for oil and profits, but that assessment would be as idiotic as the Bush administation's thinking.

The difficulty posed by radical Islam is a clash of cultures. While people are much the same the world over, cultures are not. The ME is rife with poverty, uneducation, and importantly, MISeducation. The resentment of the Islamic masses towards their situation is redirected by the governments of the region and power seeking religious leaders towards the West. Hardly a new tactic in world history.

What to do about this?

Bush and his ilk apparently saw that as the only nation capable of projecting force into the region, the US could "give" the Iraqis something unknown in the Islamic world, a free market economy with functioning representative gov't. The American public was sufficiently roused and united to support it, and who could actually stop us? Bush II could become a historical giant and solve one of the most vexing political dilemas facing the West in 50 years with one blow.

With the blessings of the Western system, surely Iraq would become a beacon of prosperity and progress for the entire region, wouldn't it?

The oppressed masses of the ME would then surely rise up and demand the same in their own nations, wouldn't they?

After all, there's an American in everyone just struggling to break out, isn't there?

We all want the same things, don't we? After all, look how well those nasty Germans and Japanese became good little capitalists.

Such is the hubris of our American leadership.

I wish I could say it was an anomaly, but unfortunately, it is a school of thought in our political system. It is as vapid and morally bankrupt and the idea that all cultures can coexist peacefully in a spirit of mutual respect and tolerance.

Don't credit your leaders, from any nation or party, for being any more intelligent or well educated than you are.

They all tend to have one common interest, themselves.
Not necessarily the moronic military/corporate conspiracy motivations espoused by our moronic movie culture, but rather blessing the world with the benefits of their wisdom and leadership.
Thus ensuring their rightful places in the history books.

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