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W3C Open issues from the Chat on Saturday December 18 (Fearless Blue)

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Nimz ..

Monday, December 27, 2004 - 02:13 pm Click here to edit this post
I'm going to pull some things up from a few days ago. So sue me.

Sheik Yerbootie, I was making my gripe in general for all worlds. This was one case where I did not have FB in mind in particular. However, if I were to wage war on a c3 in FB right now, I'd still be waiting about a minute between attack rounds.

OAAMBs are same as they were (or slightly changed). 10k of them unchallenged used to kill around 6k of DH, they still do now.

No, last I checked, 10k unchallenged OAAB only killed about 1.6k DH in a single attack. I'm guessing DH are even tougher now after the changes that halved the DH force in countries and doubled DH strength.

I was going to make a long post arguing that it would be simple for a group of suicidals to defend against LF's hypothetical offense, but I found a more interesting topic.

If attack limits were 40k units, and assuming it still takes roughly 25 OAAM to kill one DH, 200k DH are about 26 times as strong a defense as 50k DH. 4 times as many DH are 26 times as strong. That, to me, is the most convincing argument for the complete removal of attack limits. With attack limits, regardless of size, defensive power grows quadratically with the number of defensive units. Without attack limits, defensive power grows linearly with the number of defensive units.

That seems much more fair to those with less defense relative to those with more defense, to me. If merely quadrupling the defenses duodecahexuples the strength of the defense, an aggressor could go thru 25 countries with over 6x the combined total defenses at roughly the same cost as 1 country with 1/6 the total defenses.

Actually, increasing attack limits linearly with DFI or DI might reduce or eliminate the problem. I think this would leave defenses too strong, though. Unlimited attacks would eliminate the problem of defensive strength growing quadratically with number of units for sure. Defenses are already very tough, even against large attacks, so I think this would be closer to a balanced war engine.

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