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Diordica Bogdan Anton (Kebir Blue)

Monday, December 27, 2004 - 06:06 am Click here to edit this post

- Attack limits

I strongly suggest to consider that we must try to push, enforce newbie players and small countries to join federations that will bring a defensive advantage ...
... we must prepare, plan the excitement TO JOIN (countries that join may build at their choice objectives outside their countries surrounding the federation teritorry or build between countries at half of the distance - map draws with heavy importance are the gasoline of all dreams of adventure),
... we must bring the explanation of the advantage to join (federation page must contain details about range of defensive weapons shared in defense and details of the objectives built in federations interests),
... we must give a sense to the common markets giving the players the chance not only to compete between themselves amassing points, but to compete against each other, to fight (common markets must not bring points just like it happens now, ... a common market belonging to a group of players showing with the numbers of points - computed in the current version of common markets - showing with points how much is everyones part in the market, well, a common market must allow the player to establish how much is the influence of his common market points in the countries from around him drawing an area where he can give a restrictive law for the competitors "not to be allowed to sell their products in these countries, where he has influence" ... the corporations of the players nominated on the black list will be forced to decrease prices to sell on the International market with as many quality degrees points as much is the area where they are restricted to sell compared to the total world market, also the common market will give no reward to the players who make it until they find a potential common market belonging to someone else and SIGN A JOINT VENTURE AGREEMENT that will compute only the products offered by one market that are used as supplies or consumption goods on the other common market ... products used by the partner common market does not mean that the partner has the obligation to buy them, but these shows that the world economy goes in the good and right way with all participants such as common markets are - and are the strongest !!)
... we must plan some privilegees such as the federationist chat rooms which should open only for players who joined a federation (which will be integrated to the federation maps table room "floating" page ... when this will be available and possible too)
... we must book all national communities of players and leave them the opportunity to find each other on real geography maps, players must register - after the country or CEO - in the book of their nation and geography ... also the ages of the players may be visible in Top 300 more easier and direct everyones interest easier ...


I strongly suggest to make attacks limits depend on the economy of weapons made in the last number of attacks ... Example: the current limit is 30,000 weapons ... well, I attack only with 10,000 weapons for the next 5 attacks and get rewarded with an increase of the attack limt up to 45,000 in the next attack OK ??
And here is a "WHY" should be like I say: in real wars there are usually seen two frontlines ... the first frontline where the attacks are rushing and after some time it is opened a second frontline - in the flanks of the enemy resistance/surveillance ... On both frontlines the losses are huge, the massive assaults are prefered, but despite these the war lasts longer because of the resistance of both sides and finally it is concluded that some small attacks during all these battles were real turning points across the war evolution ... From my description everyone understands why we must "theoretically" fight longer with small forces and small number of weapons and just from time to time to launch real huge hurricanes, tornadoes with number of weapons larger than the current allowed limits (the current limits may be established as Jozi likes, based on countries population rather ... but he may still count on other things too)


I strongly suggest to make wars acceptable for everyone not only for the attackers ... we discussed about small countries and newbies, about experienced players will of more firepower in one attack ... now lets see how to defend. I see that Interceptors are rating very weak against everything ... well, if I could be Jozi I would base the attack computation on the number of defensive airports ... if one airport owns all the airpower of a country then the attack will be computed as one group of Interceptors against one of fighters ... but if I have 12 Defensive Airports then I wish to break the forces in twelve parts and twelve successive attacks against fighters ... this way the computation will give a better chance and "I'll survive instead of die in wars" against stronger, but stupid or disabled enemies. Same way must happen when the attacker uses more offensive bases or airports against the defender. The number of radar planes must be related to categories of weapons so that every airport and airforce stationed there to wait fully functional the attacks ...


I strongly suggest that attacking forces - when superior against the defending opponent forces - to get a reward based on real wars experience and called: INCREASED FIREPOWER so that offensive tanks if ten times more than the defensive light tanks in one attack, well, these offensive tanks may get an increased firepower and destruct the location or part of it even if the attack was launched against the defenses only.
The defenders will have as advantage (proved in 2000 years of real wars) - if it happens for them to be superior to the enemy - will have as advantage the USE OF NEW ATTACK SKILL ... Interceptors may be used as "bombers" against offensive tanks using the "precision bombs" - as navy did or offensive bombers did - and also light tanks may fight against offensive hellicopters and so on ... Sometimes the Use of a new skill may be available for both sides (offensive and defesnive) but only defenders may CAPTURE some of the enemy forces as new skill bonus.


... more friendly and interactive and intelligent interface of the game with small countries or big crap newbies (are they stupid? prove your smarter)
... more features for common markets (defensive and offensive too) upgrading them to real joint ventures in all world arena
... longer wars like real wars are with small limits according to a hard and heavy geography of obstacles, but with intelligent attacks and advantagees according to each player "preference" (haha ...!)
... larger number of weapons per attack depending on the economic savings made before by war strategists not depending on the relaxed rules of the admins ... is this a computer or a fast food !? strange ...
... intelligent attacks depending on the number of bases and airports that describes and support the war strategies ...
... I add now: let federations build depots and deposits of ammunition shared by them in wars ... let them use transporters of sneak types to carry out of a country the ammo that is not useable since the weapon of a kind was destroyed, but this ammo will be surely used by the federation members who still support the war
... I add now: let federation create RECONSTRUCTION FUNDS used after wars when are helpful and countries with huge damage will not lose their financial index position or country spendings top limits.

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