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Position of Forts and Compounds (Golden Rainbow)

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John R

Thursday, August 7, 2008 - 03:03 am Click here to edit this post


Simcountry: A realistic simulation game, This is copied from the game ad on the web.


Your entire argument as for why this game should be realistic comes from the HTML title page?
Sounds kinda lame...

But regarding that:
That was the original intention of this game - to be as realistic as possible.
However, we were all surprised to discover and understand that a large portion for each step taken towards realism, a little bit of fun, a little bit of fascinating and scintillating joy was erased.

The former realistic criteria "It makes no economic sense to close this corp" forbid me to close corps with a high market value, even though it lost billions every game month.

The realistic notion that I cannot fire more than 300 000 - 1 000 000 per game month, forbids me to close more than 3 corps every game month, even though sometimes that's something like 1.8% of the existing corps in most countries.

The realistic natural disasters bring to my countries death and financial damage. Thew problem is they bring NO benefit. Having in mind the initial idea was that they would serve as en excuse for interaction, they fail miserably.

A more realistic loan market has driven the interest of our virtual loans down to nearly nothing.

The introduction of the Law of Diminished Returns into our country indexes as provoked a slower increase and far more inefficient return for each our state installations built. It matters, for we need to reach the game levels. It matters for we need the GCs to keep on playing and improving.

In most of these examples, an approach to realism has restricted our gameplay. In all of them, it has annoyed. It annoyed us, for we were playing a game we loved and enjoyed.

We play games for fun. We play games to learn. We even play to socialize or reliave some of our pressure; or has Ambiorix put it as a therapy.

In this manner, what games need to do is maximize the happiness it delivers to its players.

However, that maximization will not indeed materialize by adding all that makes a player happy, by ceding to every player's desires. In the end, a "perfect game" where all needs and wants are satisfy, will remove all competition, wonder and challenges that keep us entertained, thus boring a player to its death,

This is when realism does indeed come into the picture. By installing certain flaws of the real world, we will keep the game rational and challenging. By attracting new players we will keep it competitive. By doing both, we will make it pleasrable and ourselves happy.

This is what I mean when I said:
This game is supposed to be founded on reality and guided by reason.

This is my argumentation agaisnt a 100% realistic game or features that blindly promote realism.
Besides these points, there is also the technical aspects that prevent a complete simulation of reality.

Should I name this chain of thought? Any suggestions?

I'm sorry if I offended you Lex. It wasn't my intention. You were simply the one that brought up the issue. ;p
When I write a post like this, my public-target is always the whole community and the rest of the management.

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