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W3C Open issues from the Chat on Saturday December 18 (Fearless Blue)

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Bad Karma (White Giant)

Saturday, December 25, 2004 - 10:39 am Click here to edit this post
Remember, you can only attack the 10M popers with 10K at a time while they can throw 40K at you. Lets look at the break down, I took some averages of 40M pop countries to 10M pop countries.

40M pop guy with a good country with 150 Indexes breaks down to just about this...

1/3 (13M) are in school
1/6(7M) worthless housewives, retired, disabled
1/10 (4M) are just too old for military 50+
1/10 (4M) for government facilities

Corps at at least 1 Per Million (40) would be be around 8M depending on sizes, upgrade levels. Number could be 1 to 2M more if there is more than 1 per 1M pop.

That is 36M that cannot be in the military. Now assuming everyone else just so happened to be LLW and MLW with no unemployment you have 4M for your military.


10M Pop Guy with about C3 Indexes breaks down to about this...

1/5 (2M) are in school
1/6 (1.7M) worthless housewives, retired, disabled
1/10 (1M) workers too old for military 50+
250 to 300K for government workers

Corps at 1 per 1M pop would be about 2M or so depending on size and if there was more than 1

That is 5M that cannot be in the military. Now assumign everyone else happened to be LLW/MLW workers that leaves 5M for the military.


40M pop guy has about 4M available for the military to defend 4x the targets with 4x the limits. He would also have the base issue to deal with by needed so much for defense.

EACH 10M pop guy has 5M available for the military. They actually can field a larger army than 40M pop guy cause they dont care about indexes or pretty corps. They are defending 1/4 the targets, and need fewer units.

Now tell me exactly were 40M pop guy has a chance? He could be facing a military nearly 4x his size, that can attack with 4x the amount of units each time, has 1/4 the targets to defend, and will be attacking at 3x the speed.

IF a 40M pop country and a 10M pop country were built identically, they would both have the same percentages of pop for each thing. So if 40M pop guy has 4M for the military, 10M pop guy would have 1M. The numbers even out when you consider that 40M pop guy has 4x the targets to defend as 10M pop guy, hence needing probably 4x the units to defend it. Offensively 40M pop guy does have the advantage in numbers BUT. If bases are made to be destroyable (except last one still?)then 40M pop guy has a major soft spot as compared to 10M pop guy since he would need 4x the bases as well. The fight can be quickly turned in 10M pop guys favor with the destruction of 1 or 2 bases.

This would also hold true for the sliding scale based off of DFI. Larger countries would need to have larger militaries to just properly defend themselves even from 10K limits. Hence they would have higher limits against them. Higher limits against them mean they need even more units to defend themselves, thus a visious cycle. In this case using the sliding scale; if both countries were built the same, 40M pop guy would still be at a huge dissadvantage simply from having the exact same defense as 10M pop guy exept his need to have 4x the defenses for the same coverage. He would again probably be facing 40K to 10K limits. With the same problems as with the scale determined by Pop.

Once again... The only way to even out the fight would be if limits were based on the AGGRESSOR not having higher limits than the defender but equal or less than the defender. If 10M pop guy goes after 40M pop guy, he is picking the fight and should face 40K limits against himself. If 40M Pop guy picks the fight then have him at 10K and 10M pop guy at 40. Simple solution that would prevent either from picking on the other. Same deal would go for the scale based of the DFI. If someone is bigger than you, you SHOULDNT be picking a fight with him unless your willing to deal with facing his larger military.

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