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W3C Open issues from the Chat on Saturday December 18 (Fearless Blue)

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Bad Karma (White Giant)

Friday, December 24, 2004 - 01:22 am Click here to edit this post
Anton First:
Building up those forces are easy, even with the ammo. As I pointed out I included the CEOs as part of the 3 10M Pop Guys. There are several ways to do it, none too hard.
You appearantly havent faught a war recently. Several units have been changed, and not for the better. Including RDU and OAAMB.
It has been brought up that each base will only be able to hold so many units. Thus forcing those with large countries to have many bases. As we know when a base is destroyed all weapons coming from that base are also destroyed.
I would assume 40M pop guy has slaves, and or is feded. This strategy would probably be used against unfeded, countries on the outer rim of regionalized feds, etc.
Keep in mind this is with scaled limits based on pop. 10M Pop guys can send far more against 40M pop guy than he can send back. 40K compared to 10K

United Fools:
You kinda agree but my post was based off Pop Limits and not Index Limits. At the same time I'll tell you having 15K Ints/Dheli is only about 45 DI so you could have an OFF index of just under 170 and still have only 10K limits used against you. Being how each country would specialize in one unit, you can really keep your indexes down and be quite effective on both off/def. The ability to have units in reserve and bring them up as needed helps alot too. As they are not counted in the Indexes.

Well you agree somewhat and clearified part of what I said =) Keeping the Index down for the full protection is easy. You can immediately deactivate the OFF weapons upon buying them regardless of what the OFF index is. That would keep your index well below anything coming close to 100 ;)

I always look at the abuses/loop holes in ideas before even thinking about the benefits. The abuses and loop holes in both PoP Based and Index Based Limits are quite numerous and large. There are a few other things I havent mentioned that can be done as well to abuse those systems.

I WOULDNT mind EITHER system if both sides had the SAME limits based off the attacking country. That way if 10M PoP Guy ATTACKS 40M pop guy then both would have 40K limits. Flip it where 40M Pop guy attacks 10M PoP guy and then you can have both at 10K limits. Same situation would be for Limits Based of DFI, in that both have the same limits as the ATTACKER. That way the fight is based off what the defenders capabilities are and the system cannot be abused nearly as easily.

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