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Bad Karma (White Giant)

Thursday, December 23, 2004 - 02:04 am Click here to edit this post
BK: regarding high population countries being vulnerable: pfft.
High population countries already have masive advantages. A 40M pop developed empire head is easily capable of taking out 20 well prepared 10M pop countries. "10M pop suicide" countries will be no threat at all to anyone, in any circumstance.
Clipped from Matt C

Here is what I'm talking about...

40M Pop country can be attacked by 40K Limits
10M Pop country can be attacked by 10K Limits

1) 40M Pop isnt liked by so and so (happens alot). So and so Reg lets say 3 10M pop countries near 40M pop guy. Along with 3 CEOs (have to work them in too) Lets assume these 3 have some sense and communication between them.

2) 40M pop guy's country is actually built to be a good country. Good indexes, Good corps, etc.

3) 10M pop guys dont care about the countries, they are designed to take or hurt 40M pop guy. They have low indexes, 1 corp per 1M pop, and everything else into military. They need only be able to keep the FI at 60.

4) They set up 15K Ints/Dheli each for defense, giving 45K for shared fed defense (also would give a low DI). That will stop anything 40M pop guy could send.

5) One buys massed NFPs only for Offense. His job is just to clear 40M Pops airforce of Ints/Dhelis. Remember he has 40K Limits to work with so 40M Pop guy better have 100K ints at least. Once the Air Force is gone he can start hitting softer targets like corps.

6) Guy number 2 buys the masses of shielding units like RDU and SF that can go in and hit targets regardless of defenses. Show me any country that can stop 5K RDU from hitting targets without Air Force support. His job is mainly to take out hard targets then move on to lesser targets. Like Dbases if the update happens and they can only hold so many of each unit. 40M pop guy would need several, and would lose big junks of Dunits with each lost base. This guys job gets easier as he goes. He goes into action right after or before guy #1 depending on the situation.

7) Guy number 3 just has alot of MRMBs/LCMBs and stuff to assist guy #1 and #2 with. His primary role is as clean up man, he isnt even really needed. He can afford loses, and they shouldnt be 2 bad at that if guy #1 and #2 did their jobs right.

8) Congradulations, 40M pop guy is now dead to a few guys who just didnt like him or were jealous. 3x the attacks, that were much larger than what 40M pop guy could match. Remember country damage is already relative to size. At best he is still standing, but with most/all of his country destroyed to the point where he wouldnt want to keep it. Guy #1, #2, #3 just dereg after their victory and go on to start real countries of their own. /Wave to all the work/money 40M pop guy put into his place.

Yes I just gave a pretty damn good guide on how to take out big targets. Follow that and if this particular system goes into effect and even the limits based off total DFI to a lesser extend you can do some pretty nasty things. This already happens on the free worlds with 10K limits all the way around. It can be successful if 40M pop guy isnt well prepared. Hell esper you just saw how your lone 10M pop country brought 3 20M pops and one 30M pop countries to the point of defenseless. Imagine if you had 2 more countries in Land Range ready to pounce after that. Took you what? 2 RL weeks to get those forces up, and that wasnt even thinking about doing it. 40M pop guy couldnt even launch a preemptive strike due to protection status and then unbreachable defenses.

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