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Newspapers (Golden Rainbow)

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JMR32 (Golden Rainbow)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 - 08:32 am Click here to edit this post
Forgive the noobishness of this, but what the heck is the deal with the newspaper articles declaring shortages of military hardware that do not in fact exist?

One of my countries has 8000+ Interceptors in the field, 9000+ helicopters, 170+ garrisons which each have a minimum of 60 AA, 60 DM, and 60 MI batteries. They all are fully stocked with ammo. Additionally I have a decent stock in the inactive category of each of these items.

Each month I get a VERY annoying newspaper message. Month 1 will say "Your country sucks. It needs more interceptors. 2000 is okay, 4000-8000 is better."

Month 2: "Your country sucks. It needs more helicopters. 4000 is okay, 8-12000 is better."

Month 3: "Your country sucks. It needs more AA batteries. 5000 is okay, some countries have 50000."

Month 4: "Your country sucks. It needs more DM batteries..."

Month 5 tells me I need more MI batteries, then month 6 we start over again with the Interceptors.

All right, so it doesn't actually say my country sucks. And the numbers are not exact, but you get the idea. What is this all about? Does the game want me to have 8000 interceptors in the inactive file? What do I need to do to stop these annoying messages? I can just see some nOOb reading that and saying: Oh boy, no defense,let me conquer it with my one unit of offense.

Hopefully someone can answer this for me before I send about 8000 interceptors and 10k helicopters on a flyover of the newspaper office while each of my batteries lobs a missile into the ocean close enough they see it through the window!

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