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On my way out. (Little Upsilon)

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Nute Gunray (Golden Rainbow)

Sunday, July 27, 2008 - 09:42 am Click here to edit this post
Well the tone of this thread is very, very hostile, and that goes to figure since so much of the content is concerning the actions of one DEFCON, aka Ameche, aka slim, aka general chesthairpuller etc etc etc. I cannot begin to count how many times I have seen Mr. Slim rant and rave about how the personal issues should be separate from the game issues. But it appears to me that you sir are one of the players that seems to want to make everything that does not go your way as personal as possible. Your friends can say what they like, and I am sure they will, but I have seen how time and again you try to make personal attacks on new players. But now you and your little sidekicks are going to far with it. I am posting here to say that you need to back off of all the insidious remarks toward Ms. Wendy. I am not only saying this as the Chairman of the United Confederation on Golden Rainbow but also as a gentleman. I will also tell you Mr. Saber back off as I will not sit idly by while you mouth off like some trailer trash who has to be taught his manners. I will say it again back off! Finally food for thought Mr. DEFCON your friends were there by your side in the recent great war on Golden Rainbow and it was your friends who let you know the foolishness of your continued struggle against the United Confederation on Golden Rainbow. So I am hoping that you had learned your lesson from that conflict and you will consider your choice wisely. Back off before you lose another empire. Finally next time you want to rave at people about their lack of mastery of the English language you may want to take a good look in the mirror as you have misspelled the name of your main on Golden Rainbow

Welcome to "Camp Lejuene MCB" The correct spelling is Lejeune and since you did not believe me before I have included this web link for your easy reference.

Nute Gunray the Viceroy
Chairman of United Confederation Golden Rainbow

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