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On my way out. (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  On my way out. (Little Upsilon)

Slim (Kebir Blue)

Saturday, July 26, 2008 - 11:15 pm Click here to edit this post
There is only one thing i have to say about this post. You need to get over yourself. If you honestly think Dub was pressured into making that post or whined to, you're sadly mistaken. I do not understand why you will not accept the concept that some people actually speak their OWN minds. No one hammered Dub to do something about you. In fact, if you became any more of an issue, there are many here quite capable of taking care of that job individually. You keep referring to people 'running' to others. Sweetheart, you're not worth it. Just another loud mouthed noob trying to make waves. Dub was not drawn into this. I certainly have not had one convo with him about you besides a 'who the hell is this person' convo about 10 days ago in chat. Dub is a man and speaks his own mind, and you should be a woman and accept that this isn't some overblown conspiracy theory against little old you. I can put money on that to be true. Like I have said to plenty others in this drama filled couple of days, you wouldn't be half bad if you lost the holier than thou attitude and just concentrate on being yourself. Unless of course this is you, then you need some work. Yes I am belligerent, yes I am an asshole sometimes. However, I am only that way to those who deserve it. And you, lass, deserved it. You need to take a step back and review your own actions before you go off about something YOU should have rectified. I hope whatever capacity you stay in this game is a change from this attitude. You wouldn't be half bad if you lost it. Take offense if you will, this was not meant that way. Take off the blinders and realize that people have their own opinions and when they choose to express them, it shouldn't be thrown in their face that they were pressured to do so. That's not how we operate. I hope you learn that soon enough.


P.S. You people should really read New York state law. You'd see that since 9/11, the laws concerning backgrounds checks and such have been not limited, but expanded. I am perfectly within my means to do what I did, and honestly, after speaking with my attorney, I have absolutely nothing to worry about. So I hope this ends your little crusade. If it was illegal to do, why would I put my business and well being at risk for LH? Tell me how much sense that makes.

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