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What is Simcountry?

W3C Open issues from the Chat on Saturday December 18 (Fearless Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  W3C Open issues from the Chat on Saturday December 18 (Fearless Blue)

Jossi Gil (Fearless Blue)

Monday, December 20, 2004 - 10:13 pm Click here to edit this post
During the chat session we had last Saturday, I promised some answers on several issues that were discussed. Several other points that are related to some of these questions are also included.

This is intended as a discussion and will result in a definitive specification for implementation of these features.

Attack size and warring parties

We currently have limitations of the size of attacks in all worlds. These limitations are set to prevent quick destruction of small players by huge federations. It gives the defending country a little more chance to defend itself.

However, many of the countries involved in war do not need such protection and should in fact be exposed to larger attacks and are able to handle such situations.

The attack size should be based on the power of the fighting countries. Their capabilities can be measured by their defense index. The higher the defense index, the larger the max attack size should be.

We plan a game update that will make max attack size depend on the defense index and the war damage. This will make attack sizes dynamic and dependent on the way the war is conducted. As the defense index is updated only once in eight hours, the current war damage will be used to tune the max attack size down during that period.

The max attack size may be reduced but there is a base level, which is the current max limitation. The max attack size will never be reduced below that base level.

The current attack level may be applied to countries with a defense index of up to 100. The attack size will increase with the defense index and will reach 200.000 when the defense index is 2000. The attack limit max is 10.000 times the defense index / 100 with a minimum of 10.000 and a max of 200.000. All these limits can be three times higher in Fearless blue.

The max level depends on the defense index of the country that war was declared upon. The max level will be recomputed each game month. Correction to that level will be applied before each attack round. The correction will be a fraction that depends on the war damage since last month run and the reduction will amount to 100% if the recent damage is at the level of 5 trillion. At that damage level, the max attack size will return to the base level of 10.000 (30.000 on Fearless blue).

Multi navy navigation

Moving several navies to join another navy or to a location close to a country (by name of the country) will be added to the game.

Not delivering on contracts and spending limits overruns

When a corporation does not deliver on a current contract, a message is showing on the corporation page but such failure has no further consequences.

Country contracts for delivery of weapons and products in general, may cause the spending limit of the country to overrun. The same may be the case with the spending limit for weapons.

If the spending limits become negative, the contracts are updated downward by a small percentage. If the spending limits remain negative and the limit is exceeded by a large margin, contracts may be cut by 50% in each game month this happens, until the spending limit recovers. Contract quantities remain at the reduced levels even when the spending limits recover.

Canceling contracts

When contracts are cancelled before their expiration date, the canceling party pays a penalty that is equal to one-month cost of the contract that was canceled. This penalty is only paid if the contract parties are not in the same country. There is no penalty is the two parties are two corporations in the same country or enterprise.

We will extend the penalty free cancellation all to contracts between parties that are members of the same common market.

Investment Fund Contributions

The investment fund is receiving contributions from highly paid workers and invests the money either in the stock market or as loans to the world bank. The fund has also a monthly income from these loans and from dividends from the stocks it owns.

The contributions by workers amount to about 2.5% of the total salaries in the country. The percentage may be different as it depends on the income levels in general and the composition of the work force.

Ordering navy ships with Fleet command ships and carriers

Each weapon in Simcountry can be ordered if there is a base where it can be stationed. If such a base is not available, weapons cannot be ordered and a base must be set up. For Navy weapons, the bases are the carriers and the fleet command ships.

Up to now, navy helicopters could be ordered if a helicopter carrier was available. This will not be changed. Navy fighters can be orders only if an aircraft carrier is available. This two will remain unchanged.

All other navy weapons could be ordered only if a navy command ship was available. This will now be changed and all other navy weapons can be ordered if either one of the carriers or a navy command ship is available. Carriers and navy command ships can be ordered independent of any other weapons system. This too is unchanged from the current situation.

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