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Socialist bias in the game? (Kebir Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Socialist bias in the game? (Kebir Blue)

Big Brother (Fearless Blue)

Monday, December 20, 2004 - 03:30 pm Click here to edit this post
Also two questions to Kurt or any libertarian on immoral state involvment in healthcare?

1) Is not state provided healthcare simply a logical extension of the state's obligation to provide security to it's citizens. Indeed for most of it's citizens most of the time disease is a larger threat to personal security than a criminal or foreign power.

2) Given the the UK has state provided healthcare, how does the libertarian square up the fact that the UK spends less on healthcare per head of population than the USA (with it's system of private provision of health). This means that most individuals in Britain spend less on healthcare than the most Americans, allowing the average individual Briton to spend more of THEIR money on things other than health than the average individual American. In this context which individual really has the most choices and liberty, the American or the Briton?

Remember it's not only the state that's a threat to individual liberty, (other things can be too, e.g. corporations, other individuals, organisations) that's not to say we shouldn't be careful when considering giving the state more powers, but we mustn't assume it is always the biggest threat to the individual.

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