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Who will we play after some months? (Fearless Blue)

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Bad Karma (White Giant)

Monday, December 20, 2004 - 10:13 am Click here to edit this post
I'm going to get yelled at =)

I totally agree with preventing the Demo Worlds (they arent so free anymore) from becoming like GR. Countries that are litteraly a few RL years old that are 10X the size of what a new player could start with, megamultis, invincible defenses, superfeds, and all that. I'm pretty much against everything that GR has become. BUT....

Pay to play on the demo worlds was a non issue until world pops started dropping like a rock and people started worry about super powers emerging. The pops dropped to give most players what they were asking for, a faster game. Now we deal with the consequences. There is a solution to this problem however. If you like your country and your pop or your worried about possible super powers in the future, pay to play.

For the people who choose to pay to play, they should definately have certain benefits to doing so. Wether it be the population advantages, or maybe game features that nonpaying others do not have. An example would be the old GR only features. It is plausible to say only those that pay would have access to such features on the Demo Worlds.

You cant have everything evened out when some people are paying money to play the same game others are playing for free. There has to be reason and benefits for paying. You cannot fault W3 for pay to play on the Demo Worlds. It is a business after all, and business' exist to make money. I know some will say what about GR. GR didnt work; at least not very well, and that is the past. We are in the present with the present situation. Personally, I think that so long as multing on the Demo Worlds (and any possible future worlds) is banned regardless of pay to play or not and heavily policed, things would be ok.

Flame me all you want. That is just the flip side of the coin.

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