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How to raise defensive level (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  How to raise defensive level (Little Upsilon)

JMR32 (Golden Rainbow)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 - 11:12 pm Click here to edit this post
You also need to deploy the weaponry you do purchase for it to count towards your index. If you buy it, but let it sit in your inventory it will not improve your score. But it WILL tie up mid-level managers and low level workers. Deploy your garrisons to your capital, cities, towns, airports, bases, and factories. If you have fortifications garrison them also. You should eventually have 100 forts in your country. After you get your garrisons squared away, the quickest way to up your defensive level is to put an Air Force in the field. Interceptor units (400 interceptors and 12,000 missiles each) up your score by 1.39 points each. Helicopter units bump it by 0.8x each. I wouldn't worry too much in the beginning about buying offensive weaponry. It's much more expensive and only really useful when you invade another country. Do NOT put nuclear defense batteries in your garrisons for forts, towns, and factories. They cannot be attacked by nukes, so it's a waste of money and resources to put nuke batteries in them.
Be aware that it will take a while to get your score up. At first concentrate on getting your economy humming. If you haven't already, set your education priorities. The game default of 6 is WAY too low, you won't be able to keep your army OR keep your corporations at full employment. What you want at first is to build schools, that's the only way you get the professionals you need. Ed. index of 120 is minimum, 180-200 is better. So you basically need twice as many schools as what the game says you need. Back to your ed. priorities: the total of all of them should be 120. Any more than that, the game doesn't recognize and will prorate it to 120. Any less and you are wasting your schools. I would suggest setting your priority for teachers somewhere around 30 until you get a grip on that part. You will also need many mid-level managers, they are where your officers come from for your army, so set that high also. But don't set anything to zero at the beginning, you'll need it all.
Have enough corps to employ your people. The rule of thumb is two corps in your country for every million people. That's total corps, state, private, and public.
It may be helpful if your population is under 8 million to go to the cash market and spend 5 gold coins on 1,000,000 people. If you run low on cash you can also sell gold coins for cash.
A lot of info in here, but if you're patient you can have a strong economy, then you can pump in some military. Remember, defense force index (NOT the total defense index) is only one part of getting level 2.

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