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Wendy (Little Upsilon)

Monday, July 14, 2008 - 07:00 am Click here to edit this post
Slim first off, the protection of my fed has nothing to do with the conversation here.
A tactic that is well employed, is often taking your eyes off the real issue and compounding it with others.
See, I have no problem, some here have a problem dealing with the reality that no matter how powerful they may seem to be they are still in fact subject to criticizm and ridicule as much as any.

I am not one to hide behind my fed, and once again, hurls the threats of hypothetical violence. WONK WONK WONK.

If you feel froggy, the solution is to simply jump! Even if I am attacked on the idea that you cannot silence me, please by all means do so.

Even if you desire to attack me, I hold no intentions to bring a fedmate into a conflict.

Not one is required to, we are all individuals, capable at that, and don't need to stand on or behind one another to "be" somebody and I will not use that tactic.

Manners and respect are given and returned, if you do not wish to operate among these standards, then be prepared to hear a lot more mouths like mine, karma goes both ways, so I'll repeat it again if you like, DO something.

The most important point I will make here is this, It doesn't take a federation to come here and speak up, and I will do so as an individual. I will not silence what I feel must be said at any cost. We are playing game here, these are just typed words and like them or not I am a sovereign nation. I stand on my own two feet and some here in this post should follow my example.

I am not in the least bit afraid of any consequence on any world. This is a forum conversation and this is where it should stay. Spill where it may, I have no worries.

Don't mention any federation in a coversation, maybe you have to low of an opinion of me to think that I would hide behind anybody, unlike many here, so you can forget that theory.

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