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The GM's are effectively putting chains on CEO's now. (White Giant)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  The GM's are effectively putting chains on CEO's now. (White Giant)

John R

Monday, July 14, 2008 - 01:03 am Click here to edit this post
IPO Glitch


When an enterprise is terminated, the shares it owns go to the gamemaster corporations enterprise.

That is true.

However, from time to time a glitch happens, when a corp becomes public and Gamemaster Corporations gain some shares with two things not taking place:
- Gamemaster Corporations does not issue an order to buy shares.
- The country sold 15% of the shares, for example, and the GM Corps holds 99% now.

This is the method that Treasurer was referring to some weeks ago in his threads.

This glitch only happens the second you IPO a corp and seems to be random. I've noticed it for a very long time (read: over a year), but I did not care to annoy anyone about this.

If Gamemaster Corporations would turn auto buy and sell of shares, I would appreciate it. And it would serve very nicely as a temporary solution.

This glitch, for all I know, appears to be random and is instantaneous. Sometimes the shares are distributed among the GM, the others among my CEOs and Investment Funds. Why? I cannot say.

I cannot explain the glitch to any degree that would facilitate its solution. All I can say is that it happens.

I can give you two examples from long ago, when I was interested in this glitch, in December of last year:
Owner Quantity (%) Price Paid Value
Liberal Republic 200,000,000 200.00 % 64.64 SC$ 431.96B SC$
Shiva 199,999,872 200.00 % 77.48 SC$ 431.96B SC$
Rain 199,999,872 200.00 % 91.68 SC$ 431.96B SC$
Investment Funds in Liberal Kingdom 40,000,000 40.00 % 91.88 SC$ 86.39B SC$
Investment Funds in SOL country 159,999,872 160.00 % 0.22 SC$ 345.57B SC$

Owner Quantity (%) Price Paid Value
Dies Irae 15,000,000 15.00 % 5,163.23 SC$ 83.80B SC$
Shiva -11,875,002 -11.88 % 4,531.24 SC$ -66.35B SC$
Rain 1,562,499 1.56 % 12,426.24 SC$ 8.73B SC$
Investment Funds in Subjective Reality 1,562,500 1.56 % 20,710.40 SC$ 8.73B SC$

Can you guess why this happens? Why the shares are distributed among my CEOs and Investment Funds instantaneously and in the percentage I desire, Willard? Why not someone else's CEO or another percentage?

I know I have repeated the same process more than a thousand times on Kebir Blue alone...

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