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Sunday, July 13, 2008 - 10:35 pm Click here to edit this post
"As far as Talking in the forums, if someone offends you, a war of words should suffice. Anything more than that*(when you know an "incompetent noob" can't harm you in any way)is just absolutely ridiculous, anyone should be able to speak their minds freely and at will, and this kind of opression can and will not be tolerated, declaring over a difference in opinion is nonsense. This is not china, cuba or any other suppressive state, this is simcountry where freedom and justice is here for all, noob and vet alike."



Maybe some of us dont like to talk much or engage in witty banter.

Any player is free to say what they like, about, or to me in a public forum, and Im free to remove their assets.

And on the subject of war. Probably one of the smartest thing a new player can do is piss off the RIGHT vet then watch that vet dismember him(or her although its rarely a her), all the while taking notes and learning.

You can learn in 30 minutes what it takes some players many real months to learn, if they learn at all.

War is an integral and fun part of this game, regardless of reason. You should never be angry, insulted, disgusted, afraid or mad at a player your warring with, whether winning or loosing. There are enough assets around to rebuild using the very lessons you just learned at the hands of a more capable player.

Edit: Also wendy in regard to your poll. That war in particular involved 4 of the oldest empires and CEO's on LU. None of which were the pinktators BTW. these empires (laguna, kevin henry, barney and to a lessor degree vicious) likely have enough weapons combined to wage war for more then a real month without regard to the weapons market.

The new engine has ensured smaller weapons losses. These empires were built under the old war engine environment where massive amounts of weapons were expended.

I see you point with the embargo, and can see how some folks would enjoy the ability to limit weapons purchases by certain players, but it is ineffective on players with connections and seasoned empires.

Frankly I dont like the idea of embargo's, boycotts or bans on nukes. These actions have the possibility of being used against a small group of players by a larger more organized group. The SC on certain worlds is in the hands of a few players. Look no further then the security council to see how group A can manipulate the out come of war over group B.

barney(on vacation dont kill me :))

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