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Sim 10 Commandments (White Giant)

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Wendy (Little Upsilon)

Friday, July 11, 2008 - 07:59 pm Click here to edit this post
I agree with John here.

And I do agree with "the God of War" on the bidding aspect as well.

However overreaction will definitely have adverse affects on the present membership and growth of the game.

Take Kebir for example. The vets that now comprise the game are simply not enough to fill a world of that size and maintain a vital intrest economically for that world to continue normal function. It is declining at a pace that some veteran players with intrests in my future are concerned with my investment there.

Overwhelming noobs with devastating firepower or gang opposition will stagnate growth making this game ultimately unprofitable for most and uninteresting for many more and this should be a primary concern of the vets that are the core of the games' makeup.

Give a violating noob a slap on the wrist, tell them you admire their confidence and ambition and encourage their growth so that one day he or she will be foolish enough to declare in ignorance of his or her lowly status. Then you can crush him or her in a mutually satisfying manner. Hopefully they will learn from experience that taking on a vet will have adverse consequences, and it would benefit him or her to build a future here rationaly and responsibly. Leading to a more stable progression of the game and giving all the vets "worthy opponents" (or at least in theory), which would give noobs a real incentive to "get with the program" and respect a players experience and credentials.

As far as Talking in the forums, if someone offends you, a war of words should suffice. Anything more than that*(when you know an "incompetent noob" can't harm you in any way)is just absolutely ridiculous, anyone should be able to speak their minds freely and at will, and this kind of opression can and will not be tolerated, declaring over a difference in opinion is nonsense. This is not china, cuba or any other suppressive state, this is simcountry where freedom and justice is here for all, noob and vet alike.

As far as chat and forums are concerned, I've personally witnessed some of the most disgusting and embarrasing behavior committed by the noobs and vets alike. I am going to note however that the ratio of noobs to vets posting or chatting at any given time is happily in the vets favor, so logically, who can by way of common sense calculation be more guilty of these offenses.

As an example for all lets observe the following example, (this is me talking)lol "SFO T; I'm gonna get you sucka!" See no harm done! (that was a joke; just kidding ,Please don't hurt me
!, Then again maybe it wasn't; then again I'm sure it was.) But nonetheless; NO HARM done RIGHT! SFO

A few vets need to look at their power more responsible and give thought to the territory that comes with wieling that said power.

And this should be the truth of the matter.

But you know, Who am I - NOBODY
Yeah thats it, I think thats right. Whatever who cares anyway.

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