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Facts of SimLife for Noobs (Little Upsilon)

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DavePat (Fearless Blue)

Friday, July 11, 2008 - 02:05 pm Click here to edit this post
Re: I've found in learing new games. I learn to play well quickly when I get my ass kicked by a knowlegable player. Me inviting conflict is a effort to find a free coach of sorts.

Hmmm, yes this is make nice language. There are many players who learned without losing and then there are losers who keep losing because they cannot learn. Mastering this game is not easy nor quick. Some people have played for a long time and still havent a clue. But what they do know is how to screw things up for others (No Kris I am not putting you into any of these catagories, merely taking advantage of what you said above to make a point).

Many people approach this game the first time differently. Many come here because they think this is some big deal war game. It isnt! Yes it has a war aspect, but that aspect is basic and fundemental. Anyone can "master" the war game aspect and I do mean anyone. Losing is one way to learn because you dont know the niceties of the war engine frankly because there is no other game with a war engine like this one. The tricks take a little while to learn, but then again they are just that tricks nothing more nothing less. There is no real grand strategy, tactics or operational art involved. It really does come down to who has the biggest guns and who is willing to use them.

This throws me up to a point I have made time and time again. There is no reason for an active experienced player to ever lose a war unless they are up against an equally capable player with a lot more guns then they have. What this translates to is passive defense NEVER works except against a person who has no idea what they are doing which means noob.

So what exactly is this all about then. In time and if a new person survives long enough (they dont get bored and leave) you will find it is about a number of things. Economics, political, comradmanship, as well as war. There are so many things that have to come together to succeed at this game, to master it so to speak, that only a few ever do. Some players are better at the economics of it, way better, than others. Some are better at the political interaction between other players than others. Some are better at the mechanics and tricks of war than others. And so on and so forth....rarely do we find a single player who is great at all the aspects.

Success can also be measured any number of ways in this game. Being on top on the posts of who has the largest this and that, winning awards, having the largest putz in the game, etc, etc. Each person measures their own success themselves. To some they do not seem to be successful to others they do.

So this all boils down to what you want out of this game, there is so much! This is the tough question as over time the answer will change and change again. As you set goals for yourself and achieve them or not you will find that you will that you will reset those goals and objectives.

What truly divides a vet from others is not how we fight or not, how we run or ruin economies, how we interact with others, its that we have been down this road and continue down it. This in part is what makes vets so mysterious to new players and noobs alike, the fact that once we were noobs, once we were new players and trust me many if not most of us were asshats too!

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