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sfo Treasurer (White Giant)

Thursday, July 10, 2008 - 06:22 pm Click here to edit this post
Hell Yeah I can vouch for that. I haven't finished a n00b off in months. I've laid waste to some militaries and a few assets of surly n00bs, but I prefer to give them an opportunity to rebuild and let them have the opportunity to straighten up. Time will always tell if they have learned any valuable lessons from their errors in judgment.

And regarding a boycott and still having control....
Control of what?
A country that is in shambles?
Debt so high that it might possibly shock the SC?
Yes you would have control of the country, but it would be easier to start over than to have to climb out of all that debt.

Boycotting is still war. You have effectively eliminated this player from being a danger. I haven't seen one player yet to keep his country and try to come back from a level 3 boycott.
There may not be huge craters in his country's streets from the falling bombs,
but there are definitely huge craters in his economy that he will not recover from for a very long time on his own.

I had a good laugh at reading "HE CAN EASILY REBUILD HIS COUNTRY"

And to answer why I don't pick Boycotting every time.....It depends on the situation entirely. I save boycotts for the ones that I feel will not learn a lesson from just having their heads kicked in for a bit. The ones that can take a whipping and learn from it usually will become better players that eventually gain respect. It isn't hard to judge character and whether or not the n00b deserves the "Full Monty". Boycotts are actually the ultimate war you see. Yes you may keep your empire which is in total ruin, but why would you want to be reminded of it every time you log in to it? War damage can easily be cleared away and corporations rebuilt and militaries replenished, but the boycott will take away that precious asset you need the most.....CASH.
And it doesn't come back....ever.....period.
Debt is too high to rebuild corps that have closed. Debt is too high to rebuild infrastructure. It's a slow, spiraling death that I save for the worst of the worst.

Only one way to save a country from a level them coins for cash to buy your way out of debt.....Ultimate war, you just cost him REAL MONEY and probably a few days on the couch when his wife sees the credit card bill.


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