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Facts of SimLife for Noobs (Little Upsilon)

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008 - 10:41 am Click here to edit this post
Also Sam and Wild, you needn't read any belligerence into this where none is intended nor am I making moral judgements.

As you have pointed out, this is a game. My positions regarding player self restraint are soley applied to the consequences of player complaints to W3C that result in game changes reducing player interaction and limiting player options. No judgement of "right" or "wrong" is intended or implied.

For example, CEO blocking has completely removed the facet of economic warfare from the game. That used to be a very interesting player option that is now gone for good.

To clarify, my use of the terms "disrespect" and "contempt" are in regards to player actions, not civility or lack thereof in discourse. My premise is that new players should not expect to be given the considerations that a veteran would,
though they should always act considerately themselves in their own self interest.
A couple of recent LU examples of which we are both familiar:

1. Wild retaliated recently against a fed that foolishly used nukes in her vicinity and caused damage. She chose not to communicate with the offenders beforehand and took action without discussion. No moral judgement of Wild. She possessed the power to act and exercised it. The victims in this case were given no respect and were treated with contempt. They suffered the consequences of failing to treat a vet with respect as they should expect.

2. As a counterexample, in your fed's recent conflict with Laguna and Dub, a lot of CEO property was destroyed. None of the belligerents involved made any attempt to warn CEO's of hostilities so that they might vacate the war zone. We were treated with contempt and disrespect. Noone, myself included, made a fuss about the losses. No demands of compensation were made. Why? Speaking for myself, I accept war losses as a cost of doing business in player countries, but more relevently, have absolutely no current means of enforcing any such demands. Therefore, bitching about being treated with the same consideration Wild demanded in the above example would beyond pointless. She possesses the ability to demand respect and get it. I do not. I must take pains to treat a vets property with utmost diligence, but have no reasonable expectation of receiving the same.
Points 2 and 4 stand as stated.

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