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Sim 10 Commandments (White Giant)

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sfo Treasurer (White Giant)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008 - 03:56 pm Click here to edit this post
As Aaron has posted,
This thread is designed to warn the newer players what not to do until they feel they can defend themselves from retribution that will surely come for these types of actions. It isn't meant as a "I'm bigger than you are, so do what I say or else" statement. But in essence it does mean just that. It's just that I don't go out of my way to kill new players just for sport. We all want to see the player base grow. But we want players that will not be afraid to be held liable for their actions. When a new guy performs a dastardly deed and gets punished for it by the more experienced player, there is no crying to the GM for salvation. You take your whipping and start over and learn from your mistake. Personally I always found it much easier to watch others and learn not to make the same mistakes they have made. It's much cheaper for me. Some people though, are religious in their efforts to attempt to make those mistakes work for them and try to get away with it, even if it is just for posterity. Those are the true tyrants of any society. Do not fool yourself. SimCountry is indeed a society. Societies have certain expectations of behavior. If you can not stay within those parameters as believed to be "Acceptable Behavior", society will naturally want to rid itself of your presence.


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