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Mime suffocates to death in invisible glass box (White Giant)

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MysteryStyle (White Giant)

Monday, July 7, 2008 - 08:17 pm Click here to edit this post
Paris, France--On his way to the grocery store, mime Jean-Jacques Canard suddenly found himself imprisoned inside a large invisible glass cube, where he spent the next forty-five minutes suffocating to death. Canard used his extensive acting training to indicate his circumstance to the gathering crowd, but clutching his throat and running from corner to corner of the box only drew more people, and more praise.

"It just looked so real, that mime scurrying round, trying to get out. I didn't stop for one second to think that he was really trapped in a real invisible box. I mean that's how good he was," tourist Kay Bronson told reporters.

As Canard's face turned purple (unnoticeable beneath his white face paint), he realized that his only way out would be to find some means of exiting the enclosure. The mime desperately ran his hands over the surrounding panes of glass, feeling for a hole. Onlookers found this part of the evening to be slightly clichéd.

Eventually Canard died like a true showman. After a burlesque wave goodbye, he collapsed against an invisible wall and slid to the cube's floor, dead.

When audience members realized the true nature of their entertainment, they were more mystified than sympathetic. Policeman Gilles Monteau captured the general sentiment exactly: "Why didn't he just say something?"

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