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Nimz ..

Thursday, December 16, 2004 - 10:26 am Click here to edit this post
Actually, all uranium is radioactive. All isotopes of elements of an atomic number higher than a certain number (I think it has to be at least 92--Uranium--but uranium is certainly included) are unstable, and thus radioactive. Don't get me wrong, the halflife can be extremely long (billions of years), but still, all uranium is radioactive. Also, depleted uranium is not the same as lead. They are completely different elements. Really, Clifford, you should be doing your research.

As for your ideas, some are very good, some are godawful. The bad ones first: joining a CM. Just because I put one country in a CM doesn't mean I want my entire empire in the CM. As is, I have the option to put my entire empire in the CM if I wanted to. No need to change that.

Fleet navigation needs to be changed. Jossi said he would work on changing it. However, I don't think your vision as you described it would be very useful. Not being able to zoom would be very bad, as the worlds are HUGE.

War treaties going between divisions of a superfed wouldn't be good, imo. If superfeds are regionally organized (as they should be), what affects one division shouldn't affect another division much. Perhaps an empirical war treaty would be good...

Feds voting for war against an entire fed instead of one country at a time would be great.

Votes for issues currently don't take effect at the time they are supposed to. They take effect at the beginning of the month that they are supposed to take effect. I started a fed vote that was approved before the vote ended. And worse, if the portion of the fed that hadn't voted yet would have voted against the issue, the issue should have been declined. This should be fixed. I'm not sure if this is what Clifford was referring to.

From what I've heard (I haven't looked yet, but I'm excited to see it myself), weapons docs have been updated, and are now accurate with maybe a few small exceptions.

Clifford's other suggestions I'm either neutral about or slightly in favor of.

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