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Simcountry wishlist. (for improvements and bugs) (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Simcountry wishlist. (for improvements and bugs) (Golden Rainbow)

Clifford Dutka (White Giant)

Thursday, December 16, 2004 - 01:49 am Click here to edit this post
Alright part of my wish list that I've already started developing.

- Modifable Tax rates

Don't make complicated sliding scale system like Canada's however a system where a country with a health care index of 150-250 and a eduction indexes across all facility index not do not mean the main index of 150-250 should be able to support a income tax rate of 40-60%. Of course the Social securtiy and welfare index's should have to be high to. While a country with low indexes should be supporting a lower tax rate.

- Update the weapons documentation

Their is next to no information about the strategic weapons.

- Remove all weapon limitations

All worlds are combat intensive now, I would have to say that White Giant (the peaceful world) has the most combat and anyone that wants to participate should take the consiquences when 200,000 Navy Fighters show up on it's shores

- Federation Battle System

Federation battles should have two votes, the vote for war and the vote for a battle leader. When a person votes for the war they should then send forces for the federation colition and the battle leader should then be able to fight with the forces. This needs the previous feature to be effective. The other countries could either then attack on their own or send more forces. This would make it easier for federations to attack when one or more members are busy.

- Tax Programs to increase birth rates

Alberta a province of Canada has a program to increase the birth rate of the province by giving money to new parents. Can we get a system like this.

- Grants & Interntal Loans

Loans for the C.M. and Federations should be available. I should be able to offer to my C.M. and Federation at any rate I wish including 0%. Thus incouraging growth within a Commom Market and/or Federation. I should also be able to give Loans at 0% to specific countries, including my own states.

- Empire's in Common Markets

A player should join a common market thus all countries he controls and his enterprise is automaticly in the common market.

- Votes

Once the required votes to pass or denie a vote is reached the action should be taken.

- Federation Structure

Possibly two chairs? Also maybe a battle leader position if the feature I discussed before is implimented.

- Fleet movement

Do not zoom in on the map, the icons are useless maybe black dots on the main map with a hover feature allowing you to see the names of the fleets. Or a combo box that allows you to select a fleet and the corisponding dot blinks. But the zoom feature is annoying and confusing.

- Target Goverment Low Level Worker Salary

similar to the corperate target salary index but this would allow a goverment to target its workers' salary.

- Corporation Debt

State corporations should have a check box that allows you to link national and corpate debt. So if the company needs to take out a loan the country does instead. This would allow for better and easier management of facilities like Hydrogen Bomb factories that retain all of it's product but can not sign a contract with a Country.

- Quality of Weapons

I should be able to purchase a specific quality of weapon and that weapon should have a fire rate, acruacy, or power advantage based on the type of weapon and the quality of ammo.

- AM Guns (Anti-Missile)

Most countries use AM guns as back ups for AM Batteries. Possibly a new weapon that has less accrucy and cheaper weapon. Like for instance the Phalanx gun in Canadian military uses thousands of rounds, per missile of uranium bullets (not the radioactive kind for get which is which 235 or 238)

- Federation Wars

Going after 25 natations in a federation is annoying I just want my federation to declare war on its federation. Also to declare war on something like the UCF would be annoying (wouldn't do it but it would). Maybe multiply division federation could have a master federation. And some sort of federation password to link them up so if you declared war on any division it would link all the way through.

if W3C needs anymore ideas, please feel free to contact me at or on msn at the same address.

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