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TOM...Theres a glitch in the IPO's again (White Giant)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  TOM...Theres a glitch in the IPO's again (White Giant)

sfo Treasurer (White Giant)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008 - 07:57 am Click here to edit this post
I copied my holdings for this corporation after the transfer of some shares to my ceo from my main during an IPO. I did 11 other corps during that sitting and this one get screwed up somehow big time.

Sometime after moving that corp from a nationalized state run corp back to a regular state corp in order to do the IPO I only had 6.25% of the shares. When I IPO's the corp it said I had 100m shares. But as soon as I IPO'd 15m shares it said I had 6,250,000. I ordered 25m from one of my ceos but they all never came. Just 6.19% came to the ceo. Here is the copy of the page for proof.

Note there is only 6.25% ownership in the entire corp. Where is the other 93.75%?????? Mysteryland I guess.....anyway, this does happen every so often. Hasn't happened to me since the beginning of May, but it has happened again and would like to see if you could have Jozi look into it for me.

I'm not sure if it has anything to do with bringing it out of nationalization right before the IPO or not. I do a lot of my IPO's that way because that's how I sort the corps that I plan to IPO later. It's my way of keeping them in a separate folder if you will. If that's what is causing the problem let me know. It's the only thing that all these freak instances have in common I believe.

Here is the copied text from after the IPO....

Share Data for FMU 08
Based on last 12 months
Outstanding Shares 100.00M
P/E Ratio 44.0 Click to see history
Share Price 9,204.01 SC$ Click to see history
Earning per Share This Year 209.21 SC$

You have not made any sales offers for new issued shares

You have not placed any buying orders for corporation shares

Owner Quantity (%) Price Paid Value
* image SFO Federal Reserve 6,187,500 6.19 % 9,204.01 SC$ 58.66B SC$
image Investment Funds in i love nascar tooooo 5 62,500 0.06 % 63,078.40 SC$ 592.51M SC$

* Major shareholder

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Back to main enterprise page

Note at the top it shows it did have 100m shares, but not anymore after the IPO. Weird huh?
I still have orders put in for the missing shares if they ever reappear, but for now it wont let me put in any more orders for the amount I was going to sell from my country. My country shows that I no longer own any shares of that corp at all. It's like I only owned 6.25% of the shares all of a sudden. Notice an investment fund got it's hands on a small portion as well. It got them before trading started at 1:00 am est. The investment fund had it's shares of that corp before my ceo even got a whiff of them. Insider
Anyway, see what you guys can find.

Thanks in advance.


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