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Regarding Stupid Polls (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Regarding Stupid Polls (Little Upsilon)

Dubhthaigh (Little Upsilon)

Saturday, June 28, 2008 - 06:26 pm Click here to edit this post
I am not picking on anyone in particular, but the common sense in polls submitted to the Exclusive Voting section seems to be rapidly decreasing.

Whilst the ideas expressed may have good intention, most do not consider the implication of the change, if it were to be implemented.

Thus i suggest we write down all tips and guidelines for writing a credible poll (which obviously has more chance of being implemented by W3C), into this thread.

My suggestions:

Polls should have an introduction that states what the problem addressed is, why it is good/bad and what should be done about it.

A main body, that goes into detail about the problem and also what the proposed change is and how it would effect things. Polls without an argument are useless (LH's Security Council Ramblings.)

A conclusion summing up what you want done, and why it benefits other players.

Whilst the way in whihc polls are written can cause problems as i have stated before; often players don't consider the effect of what they are proposing.

(Not picking on anyone intentionally.) For example;

"Buying Population/Workers"
"I believe we should have the ability to select the type of population that we want to buy, we should have a means of bidding on 200,000 of a specific worker group for 1 gold coin. Instead of being forced to buy 1,000,000 random workers for 5 or more gold coins. If you are smart and understand what you just read, vote yes!"

Implementing this would ensure anyone with a credit card and no skill could continually run countries on population bought from the cash market. Who needs to grow an education system and manipulate priorities when shortages are solved with one click of a button? This poll > Playing skill.

"Carrier Ships"
"These would have unlimited range such as navy fleets. I know that the USA Navy has several troop haulers that can bring thousands of tanks, jeeps, and other wheeled vehicles very long distances such as Iraq."

Say goodbye to skilled long range warfare, and effectivity of the Air Force and Navy. Welcome in rushes of 100k Tanks from a noob on the other side of the planet. Navies and the Air Force would be useless.

"getting nukes eassier
"nuke shoud be avalible on world market and easier to produce"

No comment.

"attack submarines"
"i think that we should have a new type of attack submarines used for conventional attacking."
Yay! An invincible, un-targetable weapon with infinite range that can attack anything!

"Spending Booster Combination
"The military and non-military spending booster should be combined."
Ok fair enough, let's just ask this so W3C has to re-write the entire basis of the economy military-goods and non-military goods.

That's enough examples of bad posts for now; i daren't even go into the public voting section; Ive seen votes passed that propose to ban Jews and minorities from the game.

Post your tips etc, and perhaps examples of funny polls.


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