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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?

Dedications: Matthew Crouch, Jossi Gil, Jonni Gil, Jinson Xu (Kebir Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Dedications: Matthew Crouch, Jossi Gil, Jonni Gil, Jinson Xu (Kebir Blue)

Diordica Bogdan Anton (Kebir Blue)

Tuesday, December 14, 2004 - 06:50 am Click here to edit this post
High Priority Number 2 _ Teeth!!
(or "where the things happen")

We remember the High priority Number 1 _ Who Is Online ...
Then 2 is the window "through-out" which players go see where the things happen. A list of several important things from the last day in the respective simWorld. Example? Here is an aproximate list:

Certainly smiling, player X enlarged his area of influence to maximum in this world compared to what other players did. Has now countries that cover (including war range) YYYY/ZZZ/WW/A coordinates and 25% of the registered players in the simWorld. Behind him there are still close players E, I, U.

Player A has now the best, the smiliest welfare in his country. We appreciate that he can still develope it up to level M with a small investition (will he guess it!!?)

Player O and OO have the best "Wonder" projects (page not found yet on your servers containing role-playing from players who wish to emancipate the game introducing their preferences for: international sport games events organised in their countries, special buildings and activities in cities of great importance in the area, international schools for environment, unique civilisation related cultural movements etc all from a long listed tree on which step by step all players can advance, but not all with the same speed and not in the same direction - these certainly depend on how the player begin the exploration of the almost hidden tree from which they can see probably 2% containing 10 directions ... lets rather call it labyrint ... on some directions may be more expensive than in others too - various other difficulty levels can come across)

Player 1 and player 2 have both the most relaxed emmigration policies, but 1 because he receives immigrants (number ...) and the other because he loses population (emmigrants number ...)

Most catastrophic war in the last two days ...

Tourism, mass transit and economic developments of first class have been improved with the best rate - 2.6% - in the last day in the Area 51 (more countries). However the best area at this point still remains area 52 with the best economic sector of type A developed. Most of the countries gain just from being in this area an average 132 points.(economic types are at begining different areas in each country where player can build at different number of workers same corps ... type C that rushes for slavery not much paid work exploiting the shortagees, type B that rushes for intensive use of workforce selling only at so called speculative higher-quality and type A oriented on services and common market contracts, trying to dismanage sectors B and C. A is usually find in the capital city when registering the country ... in time is developed and influences are felt even in the neighbour countries where welfare and immigrants rates get higher and from trans border trades all countries get bonus points)

As presidents cannot see the progress made on the "Wonder" projects by other players unless if they are invited "to visit the country" ... we can see even these: Presidents CVGTRDSEW visited countries KLOIUP.

ETC ... in fact a whole list of good manners and exotic or exciting things happened before that now need no current interaction, but will boost it after viewing it. So pay attention to my TEETH High Priority Number _ 2 and game will get better.

You will surely say: wars? what for? (for Jossi's fears about Who Is Online list ... fears that will disappear when he will understand that there are differencies between Chat and Who Is Online cause there are different Users not different Uses
as he thinks.

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