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W3C - Common Market Contracts and price

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  W3C - Common Market Contracts and price

Arkh Mori

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 - 03:10 pm Click here to edit this post
That leads to two possible future problem:

1) If they allow you to buy 290 at 190 price, that's free money. I could sell 290 at a 290 price, while only paying a 190 price, so there's money being inserted. This creates a circuitous loophole easily exploited. (Sell 290, pay 190, sell 290, pay 190...)

2) If they allow you to buy 190 and it's cut down from 290, then we arrive at the same point: No one will sell their 290 quality products for 65% of the price. CM's continue to go un-used.

CM's are completely useless at this point. To make them useful, I believe the only option is one of the following:

a) Make higher quality products useful in some way. For example, allow it to affect productivity and/or hiring levels as well as end quality. Obviously you can't simply allow corporations to use them and create a higher and higher end product or you can expect to eventually see "Quality 14423" as the quality bought and sold gets higher and higher. If 190 allows you to create 290, but 290 allows you to add 30% productivity and compensates for 400 salary (who doesn't want to work at a higher quality company: i.e. Disney, who pays garbage but has the 'prestige' of it), OR adds 30% productivity and eliminates 15% of all employees (higher quality requires less workers)--well, in these cases higher quality would be worthwhile.

b) Allow production cartels, in the sort that many people can subscribe to a CM "Buyer's List" without being members of the CM itself. Turn CM's into "Production only" and have subscribers be the purchasers, and in turn allow higher quality products to provide a boost to the finance, welfare, or other indices. It may be that CM's should become Enterprise only for membership, and Country only for subscribers, in this case.

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