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Zetetic Elench dam Kahveh (Golden Rainbow)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 - 09:30 am Click here to edit this post
The Effect of Philosophy:

Without Philosophy

Daughter: Can I go to Anna's party tonight?

Mother: No, not on a school night.

D: But everyone else's mum lets them go!

M: You're not going, and that's final.

D: That's so unfair!

With Philosophy

D: But everyone else's mum lets them go!

M: There are two assumptions there. The first is that everyone's mum does in fact allow them go, which, in the absence of detailed evidence, I am inclined to doubt. Secondly, you assume that because I am in a minority, I am incorrect. Yet there are many examples of holders of a minority view being correct. Surely you do not mean to claim that simply being in a majority confers truth?

D: I don't wish to claim that. But why do you think allowing me to go the party would be an incorrect decision?

M: Because you have school tomorrow.

D: You make the assumption that a late night would have an adverse affect my schoolwork. This I would deny; but we can assume that it is true for the moment. There is, however, a more serious assumption that you make. You assume that any disadvantages from my being a little tired from being up late will not be outweighed by the advantages that could be gained by my being at the party, such as increased self-esteem, social skills, and life experience. I dispute the primary importance you appear to attach to education and knowledge, and argue that these are only two virtues among many others, which are equally important for my personal development.

M: This may be so, but it doesn't show that the virtues of self-esteem and social skills should, on this occasion, outweigh education. And the less said about life experience, the better, young lady. If, as you say, the virtues of self-esteem and social skills and education are just three among many others, then the choice between them is simply a matter of judgment. You will concede that I am older and wiser than you are, and I am therefore better placed to make this judgment. Therefore, I conclude, I have the right - and, as your mother, the duty - to use this judgment in your best interests, which on this occasion is not to let you go the party.

D: But why?

M: You're not going, and that's final.

D: That's so unfair!

Whether this is an improvement or not, is, of course, a question of judgment.

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