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W3C - War Engine Next: Air Landings of Military Units

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DavePat (Fearless Blue)

Sunday, June 15, 2008 - 03:51 pm Click here to edit this post
Everyone here is trying to equate this with real world. STOP. First off no sane military commander would try to invade a country using only air mobile units. It takes months and months to build up in friendly territory sufficient anything to even start to think about offensive operations against someone (aka Gulf War) and even then most heavy equipment is shipped in by sea! In WW2 no air only invasion succeeded period! Crete the German Air borne took a clobbering and the timely reenforcements by air and sea kept it from being a disaster. At Leros the Germans had learned the Crete lesson and used a sea borne invasion in conjunction with the air borne operation. No other country attempted a mostly or primary air assualt and since WW2 none have tried it either.

What I was expecting was an airborne unit, not merely being able to transport units by air. The SF unit does not qualify! If RDF units can be formed into airborne units then we have that eliment of the force structure needed to pull this off correctly and in a fashion remotely similar to what happens in real world. The next item needed is seaborne invasion capability and transport to be able to actually do this.

What we have here is unique, like most of the military system is, to SC only. However it is easily defended against provided you can stay awake long enough to keep destroying the invader.

As for building an airfield structure capable of off loading a large ground force with its supplies, men and equipment does take months to build. And I might add few countries have the capability to pull it off. The Russians designed both an armor and a mechanized airborne or air capable divisions that failed during the Hungarian incident and the Chech incident to even remotely approach being able to invade a country! But they did not try to build the landing sites they captured existing airfields, military and civilian. I see this ability to build an airfield in the middle of a hostile country as pure fantasy without some way of clearing the area and defending it against counter attack. It does however add an interesting deminsion to the SC game.

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