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All But Leaving - End of the Taylor Walker and Liam Empires (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  All But Leaving - End of the Taylor Walker and Liam Empires (Golden Rainbow)

David Walker (Golden Rainbow)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008 - 08:30 am Click here to edit this post
Starting on GR on 22nd December 2002, I've been playing the same empire for 5.5 years. Some of the countries I recently sold were even older. My empires on GR and LU have both been brought down to 2 countries. LU will close and GR will retain my main at least until my membership expires in November 2008. I sold over US$1,000 of countries for about 3% of its nominal value.

I'm retiring from the executive power of the position of Secretary-General of Allied Forces and will now only hold the position in an honorary capacity.

A few weeks ago, I received a shocking diagnosis from the hospital, one which is with me for life. I should be able to go on fine for years but this has helped speed up my re-evaluation of life's priorities and commitments.

The gamemaster has stopped replying to my communications regarding game errors and other issues for months. Along with other veterans, I've long been suffering severe disadvantages for a long time due to changes. Some I can accept but others I cannot. Veterans do not always speak from self-interest and also hold the most knowledge of the game and its players.

I've been a member of Allied Forces federation which, although now a multi-world network, was just a few feds on GR for a couple of years. We then spent considerable time getting to the top and staying there. The pinnacle was reached during my 1.5 years of Chairmanship. This position has been tested of late. I shall continue to play a little and communicate in and out of the game.

I feel like I've lost a limb by closing my Simcountry empire but also, I feel more free without the need to constantly manage it.

The empires have been successful to the point of maintaining vast militaries, populations and making RL money from the game. The peaks see GR empire having about 1.3B pop, £3T of military assets (at today's valuation) and a game monthly surplus of almost £3T.

There are many great (in different ways) players I've played with and to mention just a few.

Former SC players of AF:
Ian, AF founder and Fully Empire
David Wenkleden, Lorien Empire

Long-Term Members of AF:
John L, Map Empire
Ryan, Unitedfools Empire
Sean & family, Chaos & other empires

More Recent Members & Allies of AF:

Other Simcountry Players:
Ms Claws
James (Tamara)

I remember the first time a newer player had wrote in the fourm referring to me as a vet. I think it was about about 2.5 years into playing. It suddenly dawned on me that I knew what I was doing lol.

I shall still be around and I wish all Good Luck in playing.

For Allied Forces, I reiterate 1 of our sayings, "Long Live Allied Forces!".

David Walker
Land of Liam E TW1 on GR

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