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David Wood (Golden Rainbow)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008 - 03:51 am Click here to edit this post
LMAO, what a political satire.

You all should come to understand at least one thing, the difference between Obama and McCain is which party is going to pick our pockets, the US Treasury and the Social Security Fund to enpower themselves, their family and friends. They are all liars and theives, especially the lawyer types that have college degrees in deception and self justification.

Just for GP I always vote against the lawyer if possible, ever hear of the fully ratified 'contested ammendment'.

I gotta give it to Obama though he has been truthful about a few things;
Obama is against our right to keep and bare firearms as clearly described in the Bill of Rights.
Obama and his fellow liberals are going to significantly raise taxes.
Obama is for 'nationalised health care' so they can get their stinking filthy theiving mits into another 15% of the GNP.

In any case Obama, McCain and the rest of those guys will do as they are told by the aristocrats and academic elite they really serve.

The problem with this nation and the world is they do not know history and the aristocrats and academic elite are going to see that you do not learn the truth about them.

There are those that lust for power and those that lust for money. Money follows power!

You can almost trust the ones that lust for money because they need to have and abide by laws and regulations to keep the playing field level.

Where those that lust for power must be able to act above the laws that are made for the rest of us.


Please, no matter how you feel about what I have said above find out what you are talking about before you curse Lobbyists. Lobbists are the only way the people have to organise access to the government. Do you think that AARP would have any say in the government if they could not hire lobbyists that run in those circles?

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