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FarmerBob (Little Upsilon)

Friday, June 6, 2008 - 07:19 pm Click here to edit this post
Nice Post Ron. Thanks for answering the questions not only correctly, but in a cogent and precise manner.

1. From Ron's reponses to my questions, does anyone see the problem with the argument that CFC's were destroying ozone in the upper atmosphere?

2. I thought about starting different threads for different topics and likely will. However, this one has just been for general grousing and argument. As you can see, it has been kept polite as reasonable debate should be. An online game forum is hardly the venue for extended political discourse, but it is amusing to play.

3. Excellent quotes, but I prefer to speak for myself. Quotes are like statistics. One can find one for any occasion, and they are typically useless. Winston Churchil has a great one about anyone not being a liberal at age 20 not having a heart and anyone of age 40 not being a conservative not having a brain. So two contradictory statements by two 20th century giants. And since I am neither liberal nor conservative, I suppose I must conclude that I have neither.

4. Having read all your statements, it would seem to me that you are somewhat "left leaning" and for well thought out reasons. Can't fault that a bit. This country and world have serious problems and some of those solutions are only going to come from government. The Market can't solve all issues and never will. Sorry to my Libertarian playmate DavePat. The most heartening conclusion I draw from your post is that you have your eyes open and aren't buying anyone's bullshit. That is reassuring.
Idealogues scare me for they surrender free thought to dogma. Any policy that doesn't fit into the "grand vision" must be opposed regardless of merit. That is the situation we have today in the United States. Our legislative apparatus is being driven by the extremes of both parties.

5. As for Obama or McCain? The nature of American Presidency is such that the job frequently guides the man, not the other way around. I see little practical difference in outcome from either. Both will likely pull back from our overseas deployments and neither will have the political will to do what is necessary to shut down Islamic Fascism. The notion that the President really has any influence on our domestic economy is just another myth propogated by our pathetic media, so what will be, will be. The party ratios in Congress will, as always, be of more actual import.

In conclusion Ron, I heartily invite you to pull up a chair, pop open a beer, and join the discussion of current events and political philosophies. This is, after all, just a friendly bull session.

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