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Why is Gamemaster Corporations collecting my I.P.O. shares? (White Giant)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Why is Gamemaster Corporations collecting my I.P.O. shares? (White Giant)

sfo Treasurer (Kebir Blue)

Friday, June 6, 2008 - 01:56 am Click here to edit this post
I know how to get the shares back from the Investment funds....That wasn't the problem really. I do my share trades from the 14th till the 24th. As long as the country scores AND the ceo scores have updated for the month, the Investment funds should have no orders in for purchases.
If this has changed I would like it announced.

The real problems I would like addressed are to have any countries Share holdings automatically transferred to the Investment Portfolio when the country is deregged or abandoned. This saves me from having to resort to invading the country just to buy the shares back, because the portfolios are not on Auto-pilot like the Investment Funds are. It is fair to ask this.

Also I want addressed why any GM Enterprise would get involved in any players IPO's initially. I could understand picking up the shares because they sat for too long on the open market, but that was not the case when I lost majority ownership in some state corporations I was trying to take private with my CEO. After all 6 transactions per corp, (15% / 15%/ 15%/ 15%/ 15%/ 25%), my portfolio showed I owned 100% of the shares of each corp. The very next game month I go to start another round of corps and I notice I lost percentages of some of the shares of a few of the corps to GAMEMASTER CORPORATIONS. After many attempts to get answers or the shares to be given or sold back, I was forced to sell the remaining shares as holding them was a constant reminder that I was screwed. I see you have answered other complaints on the forum today and have been sitting in the chatroom all day (idle). This was first posted on the 11th of May. It is now the 5th of June. A month Tom. I would take your response in private if you like. Send me an in game message or whatever and I will forget this. I do not seek reimbursement. You have nothing to lose. All I want is you to say you will look into it and possibly except the other ideas about the c3's and their holdings.
I have also noticed the scores for countries and the ceos do not update on the same day like they used to of each month. Now they are about 2 hrs apart which really makes the IPO'ing for transfer to ceo purposes, challenging to say the least.

Please see if you can find out anything. I know that share trading isn't that important to 99% of the players because of the lack of understanding and the amount of work/time involved in it. But even 1% of the players deserve to have a voice. I have so many requests from people to help them learn how to share trade and I'm frankly scared to get them into it at this time because the risk involved in losing the shares. As I've said, Investment Funds getting some are not the problem. The scores updating on the same day again would alleviate the Investment Funds getting shares not intended to go out to them.

This is my last time I will ask. If you don't respond. I will take that as telling me that my feedback is not needed nor wanted, even if it is at the cost of those that follow the path I travelled and stumble upon the same rocks as I did.



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