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DavePat (Golden Rainbow)

Thursday, June 5, 2008 - 04:22 pm Click here to edit this post
Ok I will have to deal with all this a little at a time, since I havent much time this week. First off I dont push web sites ever! I can find any web site to say anything I want to say on the net so they are pretty much worthless.

Lets deal with the hydrocarbons first. Jan 29, 2008 the Cassini team of NASA/JPL published a report in the Geophysical Research Letters a report of their on going analysis of Titan. "Titan is just covered in carbon-bearing material, it's a giant factory of organic chemicals".

There are lakes made up of liquid Methan and more importantly ethane. The dark dunes along the equator contain solid hydrocarbons, which means in all probablity coal.

Right now Cassini is about at its limit for detailed information to conclude the presense of coal and hence oil as we know them, but the people associated with the program are pretty convienced its there and have asked for in a follow up mission the equipment to be able to prove it. This is not some people that would very much like to pretend there isnt any oil because it serves some political crap they want to shove down our throats, but rather the people who are charged with actual science and damn the results.

We can continue to deny the presence of hyrdocarbons that lead the researchers to call Titan a giant factory of hyrdocarbons which include coal and oil. But then socialists wont agree on this until the first 10 billion ton tankers take up Earth orbit and start downloading the material to us.

As a side note on oil reserves -- last year a report comissioned by the Department of Energy was released and forgotten by the media. The report was comissioned to find out how much undiscoverred oil and natural gas reserves the US had. The conservative estimates after more than 2 years of research, testing and using the scientific method of analysis more than 200 Billion barrels. The low end was 150 Billion with a high of just over 300 Billion. This is on shore and off shore and for the US only. Little wonder the published oil reserves for the world have not been dropping for over 40 years.

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