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TheCentralComittee (White Giant)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 - 07:55 pm Click here to edit this post
Asserting theories as fact tends weaken the plausibility of the many other assertions you make in this thread.

Your treatment of the abiotic oil idea was very deft and quite amusing; raising the following questions:
When did textbook writing come to an end?
Where else in the solar system has oil been discovered? Hydrocarbons yes, but oil?
I think if you do a little unbiased reading on the matter you will see that both Kenny and Gold's work have a number of criticisms levelled against them. I grant you that in the fullness of time abiotic oil may become the dominant theory, at present the broad consensus is that the bulk of oil is biotic in origin. Your reference to oil coming from dinosaurs really does expose the superficiality with which you have engaged with this topic. One could be forgiven for thinking that the idea of abiotic oil is being championed by the oil industry in order to diffuse some of the fear around Hubbert's ideas.

Ok another post where you have put your head above the "parapet of unverifiable assertion" is when you talk about the USA oil imports.
or is your socialist government lying to us all. Where do you get your stats from, the land of useful facts or magic pixie fact land?

If you are referring to the UK court ruling then your statements about the Al Gore film are also inaccurate. The court found that on nine points the film diverged from the IPCC report, and the judge placed the word error in quotation marks to indicate that it was alleged by Downes that these were errors.

Can you provide the references for your CO2 in the mini-ice age idea?

I think you are on thin ice with your glacier claim too, can we have the references?

I'd like to see the work on the cyclic depletion of ozone layer you quote. I guess you realise that the reason it's been closing is because of the international reduction in CFC emissions? But what's all this about CO2 being released, released where? Do you mean that a reduction in ozone somehow allows CO2 to overcome gravity and escape the atmosphere?

What's all the pony about Myans and the magnetic reversal? Man, talk about clutching at straws.

Did you ever actually study science or do you just use its language to make your arguments sound plausible?

"Instead of listening to people who may have an idea of what is going on we tend to listen to conspiracy nuts, self proclaimed experts, people with agendas, scare mongers, etc. The problem is they are not as disorganized as they were 60 years ago when they were saying the same things."

I think that you might well qualify as one of the people you list here.

These are very interesting times we live in, but you are adding nothing to the debate by regurgitating unexamined information as fact.

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