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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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Dub's Email to the Gm (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Dub's Email to the Gm (Golden Rainbow)

DEFCON (Golden Rainbow)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008 - 09:31 pm Click here to edit this post
Hello there, i am the player known in-game as \f1 Dubhthaigh. I am emailing to ask an \f1 explanation for why i have been banned from both the Simcountry forums, and from today, Simcountry chat. As far as i am aware, at no stage have i violated any rules of these areas; in fact i am well known for contributing to them. Not only do i post regular statistics for all players to view on the forums, in chat i am often the first and only person to offer advice to new players (Often including the advice to become a full member, if they are doubtful as to the benefits . Do not forget us players are critical in the establishing in a relationship between your company, and the new customers you wish to attract. Also, i am a prolific \f1 contributor\f0 to the Simcountry , Wikia , and founding helper of "", which is specifically designed to help new players find the game enjoyable, and stay on, through advice and tips on how to play.\par
I can think of no valid reason to incur to these bans, although they began after posting the reply from the Dutch trading standards agency, to whom i complained after being repeatedly ignored by members of your staff. This complaint was a result of an ignored email to each of your addresses and three failed forum posts to which i wanted your feedback; over the last few weeks my assets have been randomly deleted with no \f1 explanation\f0 . The assets themselves meant little to me, it was the fact i was repeatedly ignored, despite being a contributing member of the game.\par
I hope you are willing to revoke this ban, so i can re-assume my role in the furthering of the game. I will re-iterate my active roles within the community; i am a promoting member of the game, although i do not use my link, i am often helping new players become full paying customers of your business. I run a federation on LU which is entirely dedicated to new players;aiding them to becoming long term paying members, and in turn themselves help new players. I am involved in the creation of up-to-date documentation for players of the game; i do not do this for fun, but to help others.
Finally, i have played this game now for a very long time. Solidly for over 7 months, although i have dabbled for over four years of play. I have witnessed the changing of the game, the new players, and how it is developing. Whilst it it may be more profitable for you to have thousands of new members, it is the long term paying customer that provides the link between new and old. Who will pay for a game they do not understand, with administrators that do not care for or help them, let alone provide accurate FAQ's? \par
If unbanned, i will continue to play, pay and contribute, despite the amount you have recently put me through. \f1 Sim\f0 country is a good game and it has become a great interest to me. However, if this email remains unanswered, like so many others from established players, the results will \f1 eventually\f0 catch up with you. Many stay for purely the unusually high calibre of players that this game attracts, if these leave out frustration or (aptly) banning, this crucial element will be lost. Every business must value it's customers, i hope you realise this before it is too late.\par
p.s. (For the general forum post) I am watching to see how or IF this is replied to.\par
Yours Sincerely, \f1 Dubhthaigh\f0 .\par

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