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DavePat (Fearless Blue)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008 - 02:43 pm Click here to edit this post
The US essentially sat by while Bosinia, Serbia, Croatia and a few other places went about killing and burning all to create their own versions of a middle ages country. The UN under US urging sent in peace keepes provided they didnt get shot at. The peace keepers turned people away back into the arms of their enemies. Hundreds of thousands died while the media labelled one side genocidial and the other was painted as the oppressed. Fact was everyone was doing their own version of ethnic cleansing. The Canadian commander was relieved when he repeatedly asked to be allowed to use the UN troops to stop it. For years this went on and Europe sat by watching it on the nightly news like we did! We listened to the political hacks blame the US, blame the Christians, Blame Milo, blame blame blame. Rarely did we hear a word about the islamic murderers and rapists and when we did it was nearly always sidebarred with how they had been wronged enough and were merely fighting back.

Then things quieted down. People had had enough killing and were looking for a way out. They had shed enough blood that now they were willing to talk. All but in one place. Kosovo, where the KLA an islamic terrorist group was still active. But never fear the Serbian Army had them on the run, they were on their last legs. There supplies had been cut, their sancuaries had been leveled, their support among their own people had disappeared. By all measures of success they were finished, reduced to hidding in caves mostly along the Albanian border and the Greek Border. An offensive to route them out of the eastern part of the country was successful, some escaping to Greece, and arrested. Serbia wanted them back to stand trial. Then all of a sudden it was ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. The evil Milo was killing poor innocent muslims by the score! Hundreds of thousands murdered and dumped into mass graves. Oh the horrow of it all. The UN had no idea what the hell anyone was talking about, afterall the KLA was listed as an islamic terrorist group in both the UN terrorist watch list and by the US Department of State! All of a sudden NATO saw what was happening in Kosovo as a direct and immediate threat to NATO!! So authorized military action! Huh???? The US had to act to prevent the anniliation of the KLA, oops I mean to stop the genoicide of muslims. I mean NATO had to act to stop Serbia from invading a NATO country. Oops I mean - what the hell do I mean???? The military committee for NATO never authorized action. The civilian end did and they used the KLA escaping to Greece as the excuse, they said this constitued an invasion of a NATO country so NATO was authorized to take military action. Never mind the KLA was a band of bandits, thugs, murderers, not sanctioned by any government except Albanians (which is not a member of NATO), disregard not one Serbian troop violated the territory of Greece. Never mind the excuse was about as much nonsense as anyone at any time in SC history has used for going to war. Never mind the actual act was illegal as all hell! The KLA had to be saved at all costs, and it was. Now ask why.

Oh and remember no NATO country could put ground troops into the country. They didnt have the ships, the planes, the military capability we were told. There was no direct route for an army to move. Allow me for a moment to correct this massive propaganda lie. The German Army has several airborne brigades and suffiecient air transport to drop the entire force in 24 hours. The French have an airborne Division and the Foriegn Legion Regiments all air mobile and able to be dropped anywhere they say in the world within 72 hours. Britian and Spain both have airmobile capability, Russia has 2 Airborne Armor Divisions (although I wouldnt much trust them). I can go on an on about just the airborne and airmobile capability of NATO at the time. But lets look at Italy. The Italians keep several brigade sized amphin units complete with their own amphin capability just like a US MEU. Greece borders Kosovo if you dont want to go in via Serbia! German rail and road transport to Austria which has a highly developed transportation net to invade Serbia directly. God do they really think we are all idiots - I guess so cause I never heard one news comentator anywhere in the world question that statement when they were told the US had to do this cause no one else could!

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